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Sigil Functionality Request

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Hi!  Sigils are cool!  Would y'all consider making them a smidge cooler?

Two quick recommendations!

1) Syndicate Sigils: Can these be tweaked to confer the highest Affinity/Reputation gains of the highest ranked, earned Syndicate Sigils to all of that Syndicate's Sigils?  This would increase the available visual variety of Sigils in use, since folks would still be able to gainfully use attractive, lower-ranked Sigils instead of being funneled into just the one top-ranked Sigil.

2) Sigil Sizing: Can we get a toggle switch for a Small version of our Sigils?  Such that, by clicking the Small toggle, the Sigil would shrink to a much-smaller-than-currently-possible sort of Badge-sized Sigil.

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