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First of all, it is very nice to have a plan to reorganize the primary weapon and the secondary weapon. However, there are concerns looming in the melee weapon nerf plan and the gun control plan announced now. The current melee weapon is in the first place of attack speed and damage magnification, but it goes on after creating a buff stack to proceed with the mission in the process of first kill the enemy. If the stack is built up after killing the stack as it is now, it will take a long time for the first user to kill the first enemy, and if he dies in the process, the mission itself will be very difficult.

The melee weapon was too strong, though. But I don't want the stack condition to be kill. This condition is the same for main and auxiliary weapons. The first kill alone takes too much time, even if the current measures are updated, there will be no difference from the current situation. I hope that the conditions are not kill, and that the difficulty of enemies in the Steel Path mission will be eased to some extent. If it goes on as it is, beginners will not be able to proceed at all.

Thank you if you read this article. It's written and edited with a translator, so the content may be ambiguous.

Lastly, I would like you to correct the phenomenon in which the black screen interferes with the play in the siphon mission.

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"More damage on kill" mechanics are, indeed, a bit awkward. If you're able to kill in a decent time - and for Warframe, "decent time" is an eye-blink away from "instantaneous" - then the extra damage isn't anywhere near as noticeable.

(The parts about reload time and mag size and recoil fit well enough with that, though. Those parts get a +1.)

It'd make more sense to be "on x hits" (or "on headshot" or "on melee hit" or plurals therein), especially if the first one is meant to be used on multi-target / high-ROF weapons. Getting a lot of hits with those is kind of the point, right?

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