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  1. Tyreaus

    A Mods 3.0 Suggestion

    Disclaimer: This is just a quick sketch of an idea to start with, so A: it's not fully fleshed out down to every single mod and B: it's open for feedback and questions. More questions = more detail = more polish! Also IDK if this fits here best or better sits in the Feedback section - hard to tell sometimes... 1. Overview The general idea is to hybridize the old upgrade tree (in this case, a ladder) with the current modding system. "Mandatory" mods and flat upgrades are moved to the tree / ladder, while the modding system remains for tweaking values like recoil, fire rate, health, shields, movement speed, range, etc. (often at the cost of other values). Many of the "mandatory" mods become means by which to upgrade levels in the ladder, rather than taking up mod slots. Why? Because the current modding system has the problem of "upgrade" mods overshadowing everything else in the limited slot space. 2. Upgrade Ladder The upgrade ladder contains all mod aspects that flat-out "make an item better". There are three kinds of nodes in the ladder: Universal upgrades: Damage, crit chance %, crit damage, status chance, etc. Augments: Upgrades for specific weapons or weapon types, e.g. certain augments or Covert Lethality Core Nodes: Upgrades of either type that must be unlocked with a "Core" (discussed later) Most rungs of the ladder have five nodes, corresponding to the five polarities, one of which can be chosen. The rungs are made such that they're, in effect, sliders between two stats. For example, the first "damage" level might have the following breakdown: (Madurai) +15 Phys Damage (Vazarin) +10 Phys Damage +5 Elem Damage (Naramon) +7.5 Phys damage +7.5 Elem Damage (Zenurik) +5 Phys Damage +10 Elem Damage (Unairu) +15 Elem Damage Another may have Crit Chance vs Status Chance, multiplicative; yet another could have CC or SC but additive; Warframes may have HP v Shields and HP v Armour on different levels; etc. Some levels have only one or a few nodes. Many weapon and Warframe augments have no competitors and so they sit on a level on their own. In general, this should make things no more or less powerful than they are now. With every damage level unlocked, one should get +165% damage allocated in some manner. (Some differences here and there are bound to happen, however) 2.1 Unlocking Levels By default, each level of an upgrade ladder is locked. They can be unlocked in one of two ways: 1. Having the appropriate MR. Players with Mastery Rank of 3 will have the first three levels of all upgrade trees unlocked by default. (mind: this doesn't mean there are only 30 levels) 2. Meeting requirements for that level. Most levels will have a straightforward requirement of Affinity + Endo to unlock. Some require the weapon is above a certain level. Some require a Reactor, Catalyst, or Forma (which will still affect the modding side). Others, particularly augments, require only an Upgrade Core. Levels may be skipped. The ladder structure only measures power, not strict progress. 2.2 Universal Upgrades and Augments These are the most straightforward of the upgrade ladder. Universal upgrades apply to all items of a given class (Warframe, primary, secondary, melee). Damage, crit chance, multishot, health, armour, attack speed, so on and so forth. Augments apply to certain items or subsets of items. Syndicate augments and Covert Lethality find their spot here. Other augments, such as an augment for Fang Prime that additively boosts its critical and status chances by 15%, would also find homes here. Practically speaking, universal upgrades will almost always be on a scale, such as the physical / elemental damage boost demonstration above. Most augments, on the other hand, will sit on their own level. 2.3 Upgrade Cores Some nodes, especially augment nodes, will be locked and require an Upgrade Core plus some Endo. These Cores replace many of the mods, such as Syndicate mods, Serration, etc. Cores can be upgraded with Endo and Credits like normal mods. The Endo in a Core goes toward the upgrade's Endo and Affinity requirements with a 1.5x multiplier (so 500 Endo in a Core = 750 Endo + 750 Affinity toward unlocking the node). Because Cores are not reusable, they are much cheaper to max out and most come in bundles (10 to 25) when acquired. 2.4 How Things Transition The mods players have now that may fall into the upgrade ladder would be transitioned into: 1. The Endo and Credits put into them, which can be applied to upgrade trees or other mods, and/or 2. Upgrade Cores (Emphasis on plurality here), esp. in the case of primed mods and particular augments, to unlock certain nodes Ideally, no progress should be lost. Any Endo players have put into the current modding system should be just as applicable to the new one. Though they might need more to get every level unlocked. 3. Mods The modding system would behave exactly how it does now—a capacity based on weapon rank, with Forma adding polarities, reactors / catalysts doubling capacities, etc. The difference is that the modding system would be in place to alter a weapon rather than upgrade it. In no particular order, some major notes: 3.1 Damage Mods Damage mods act like the Conclave damage mods, converting a % of damage to a particular type. The conversion is based on base damage, before any upgrades are calculated. The conversion can apply to physical damages as well, allowing elemental weapons to have physical damages. Elemental conversions combine as they do currently (thus putting a Heat mod and an Electricity mod still gives Radiation). 3.2 Status Chance Mods These shift the status chance calculations toward particular elements without altering damage composition. These can be per-element or along the physical / elemental divide. 3.3 Corrupted and Conclave Mods Most corrupted mods would remain as part of the modding system, possibly with tweaked values. Conclave mods, e.g. those that reduce recoil and magazine size, would find homes in the new modding system as well. A myriad of new mods would, likely, also be able to exist with much less potential of irrelevancy. If there is a stat that can be increased at the cost of another stat that balances out, a mod can be made for that. +Slash -Impact, +Range -Efficiency, +Fire Rate -Accuracy, etc. 4. Focus - Lenses in Particular A slight boost to Focus gain to go along with the aforementioned changes: When a weapon reaches rank 30, 1% of affinity gained is added as Focus to the Operator's schools distributed based on their upgrade choices. E.g., a weapon with all of its upgrades set to Madurai will have 1% of its affinity added to Madurai. If half are Madurai and half are Zenurik, the split is 50/50. These do not generate convergence orbs but can benefit from Sanctuary Onslaught bonuses for quick-and-dirty focus gains. In the Upgrades page, focus lenses can be applied, which behave as they do now: they translate all focus to that particular school, with an added bonus, and generate convergence orbs. Lenses in this system can be removed, but they have a 50% chance of becoming damaged (which can be mitigated with craftable removal tools). Damaged lenses still generate Convergence Orbs, but their affinity bonus is halved and they no longer translate focus to a particular school. Damaged lenses cannot be damaged again, so they can be swapped with no further risk. 5. A (Very Rough) Example of the Upgrades Tree Very rough sketch done in a few minutes that someone actually adept at drawing and UI design could vastly improve: 6. TL;DR: -If a mod only makes something better, it becomes part of an upgrade ladder and the mod becomes some Endo, Credits, and Upgrade Cores to boost those parts of the ladder -If a mod changes but doesn't strictly buff something, then it remains a mod -In the end: upgrades upgrade, mods modify -(Also a little change on Focus lenses to take advantage of some stylistic things) 7. What's next? Probably a breakdown of every upgrade, augment, and mod per weapon to flesh out their upgrade trees. Then new mods to tweak even more things.
  2. Willpower? I think there's a "follow" button to the right of the title. I think that's how you can unsub from notifications.
  3. Tyreaus

    disambiguate friendly and enemy healthbars?

    Simplest way I think: Green or blue glow around friendly healthbars, red around enemy ones. Not great for the colourblind but the reticle changes colours to denote allies / enemies so that's already a problem. We could fix both of those by doing stripe textures over friendly healthbars - if we found it so necessary.
  4. Tyreaus

    What Conclave can learn from Crucible (Destiny)

    Some abilities do need to be tweaked a bit, though. If we had abilities like we do in PvE, an Equinox could sleep a target at a pretty healthy range and, given the TTK of most weapons and the client-side damage registration with most common latency issues, all but guarantee a kill in the process. Ivara's noise arrow also isn't terribly useful or has any PvP effects. There are some PvE changes that could help PvP lean in that balance direction. DPS caps on weapons (Against players only; damage output adjusted based on modded stats, with crits at a higher cap) can help prevent the OHKO insanity and make Rad procs a little more tolerable in PvE. Shields could be reworked in some way as proc protection to make Corpus more interesting and prevent overabundance of CC, plus faster recovery times (or more dynamic recovery systems, like a QTE or something) that I'm sure everyone who's been hooked by a Scorpion would love. Etc. etc. If one really wanted to go in that direction, at least.
  5. Tyreaus

    Equinox review

    I think you're misunderstanding. What some people have been asking for is for her 3 to change over to its respective form without having to spend time and energy re-casting. It's not that you activate night 3, then change forms, and now you have both night and day 3 active. It's just that it skips over the extra time and energy costs that tend to dissuade changing forms.
  6. Tyreaus

    Equinox review

    This isn't really a useful reply. One, saying nothing at all imparts just about identical information. Two, not needing a rework =/= no room for polish. Equinox isn't the only one in that spot. Three, necessity doesn't really tie to rework priorities or exclusions. Nezha, IIRC, was in a similar "not necessary but would be nice" situation. Four, despite the title, I hesitate calling it a "rework" since only one ability is touched to a significant degree that could be called "reworked". Five, she does "need" at least some tweaks to fit her intended design. Various facets of her kit, from cast times to dropped 4 charge to energy costs to lack of cross-form synergy, discourage transformation—what's meant to be her USP. It's akin to saying a fridge that cooks your food is fine because it still works as a stove: the point isn't that it works, it's that it's not doing what it really should be doing. Don't get me wrong, even on that basis, she doesn't require a massive overhaul—in a run-on sentence: day 2 can be put pretty much on-par with night 2 by adding a rad proc, night 3 can get the same by giving allies added armour or flat DR, Energy Transfer can be made innate (and apply to 3 + Peaceful Provocation), night 4 can be an accelerating HoT on release, and 1 could be made faster and energy-free—but it's not like those blemishes don't exist or shouldn't be polished. Mind the OP's proposed rework doesn't really address the design issues, it only seems to be an "anti-nuking" thread with a tiny QoL around night 3. I'm not a fan of "press-4-to-win" but there are priorities, like the sorts of things people have been saying Equinox should have ever since I started this game. Little point in me going on about that since my replies are in the thread the OP's pulling from.
  7. </headscratch> What if it were something that could be enabled when blocking / aiming? That way it's toggleable and intuitive, but doesn't drastically steer away from how people use it now. (The extra homing probably wouldn't hurt either way)
  8. Tyreaus

    players got banned for exploiting a bug

    A few points: 1. You can ban for macros based on end results, removing regard for whether it's hardware or software sourced. It'll show in things like .log files or recordings or whatever else. 2. Macros aren't like monitors. Macros, even those bundled with hardware, have to be programmed to do specific things. Monitors always manage their resolution with minimal user input required. You can control macros; you can't control monitors. Not as effectively, at least. 3. Injectors typically alter code, usually on code execution (called such because they inject instructions into a particular application). Macros tend only to simulate user input via the CPU. Scripts are just automated instructions that can implement injectors or injector-like behaviour or behave like macros. So a macro is, usually, a script; injectors are, usually, scripts; but not all scripts are macros, nor are all scripts injectors, nor do all macros use injectors. 4. If you're talking strictly macros, many open-source macros are just as capable as proprietary ones bundled with hardware. Ultimately, DE focuses on #1. They don't bother drawing a hardware / software distinction and they don't care what you use, just what you do with it. I can tell you that because one of the most common scripting programs, AHK, runs alongside it with no problem. They very much could crack down on macros globally, but if the vast majority of people are using them just to do a harmless little spin-2-win automation and literally anyone could do it, why bother being that restrictive?
  9. Tyreaus

    players got banned for exploiting a bug

    DE's idea seems to be that macros are OK as long as they're not abused. You can macro a Maiming Strike whip, for example, and it makes sense why that's OK: it isn't like you can't do that manually, the macro just simplifies and automates button presses to make the process a little easier. Something like this, however, seems to go beyond mere automation into full-on enhancement and in order to exploit a bug, and that's where the line is drawn.
  10. Tyreaus

    What are your thoughts on a weekly/monthly Platinum reward?

    Plat is probably too much for a reward. It's either so small to be significant or too large to be really sustainable. Time is also an issue. Basing it on score like that brings the "contest" down to whoever can dedicate more time to the mode. Besides the inevitable stew of negative thoughts about that, a lot of people are going to look at the contest, take a glance at their schedules, and not bother past 1 game throughout the week or month for the participation reward. Only other reason they'd bother is for fun, which kind of defeats the point behind the idea. Compare that to a more common Alert where the average player might be able to drop by for 3-5 games in the same timespan, yet get an appropriate level of rewards for their time investment. Like others said, it won't fix technical issues, but more incentive does create at least a few new players and helps nudge away from the circle VisionAndVoice talks about, even a little bit: Which can lead to DE giving the mode a little more attention, or at least enough to start working on those technical problems and help the mode stand on its own merits.
  11. I feel like Rebound / Quick Return and Power Throw could be tweaked to do these, instead of making entirely new mods. That said, wouldn't it be more effective to give glaives a lot more homing capabilities rather than implementing an Ash-like targeting mechanic? There's weird behaviours to fuss out with the latter, like the Orvius's charged throw, while the former can achieve the same effect without making a huge change to how players use it. E.g., we can still bounce it off a wall and hit something around a corner or chuck it down a hallway (except, with more magnetism, we can do so much more reliably). Plus, the homing system is there—the Orvius has it, a little bit—it just needs to be cranked up and reapplied on each bounce so it can multitarget. Still agree with the overall idea, though.
  12. Tyreaus

    Multishot vs. Scattershot (Multishot glitch)

    I don't mean to be hijacking this thread too much since we should be staying on the multishot / scattershot topic, but do you have a thread or something to flesh out these ideas? Would like to check it out.
  13. Tyreaus

    Multishot vs. Scattershot (Multishot glitch)

    I think it's a question of effort versus payoff. More thorough changes might be more interesting (e.g. making armour a separate health meter like in Overwatch) but for what's necessary, something simple like a cap could do the same thing. Partly depends on Damage 3.0 too, I suppose.
  14. Tyreaus

    Fix the ugly rng machine aka the rivens

    Divorcing Rivens from a gambling mentality isn't exclusive with what I said. What I was getting at was the fact that Rivens fail miserably in trying to close the underused / meta gap in weapons and the effort required to roll them back in that direction is so gigantic that one may as well come up with something new for that purpose. A MR gilding system where players can boost specific stats on a weapon relative to the inverse of its MR (lower MR = more stat boosts), for example, off which Riven stats might springboard. I don't disagree with the goals, I'm just weary about the proposed solution.
  15. Tyreaus

    Multishot vs. Scattershot (Multishot glitch)

    Summarized by "I don't like nerfs". Setting aside the fact that, in no particular order: OP and I already talked about how it would either barely or not at all affect weapons with perfect accuracy due to the formula OP is proposing (which is in the first post), The game isn't balanced around Rivens, Multishot and Scattershot are proposed as separate things, and These aren't new things because bullet hoses need a source of ammunition regardless of multishot exacerbating things.