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  1. Ultimately, if you're tweaking armour in an effective way, Slash's dominance largely ends up fixed by itself. For one, anti-armour elements do quite well with their double-dipping bonuses when armour is within reasonable ranges, and if armour is kept within a reasonable range from early game to level cap, then Slash gets a run for its TTK money. For two, people overall tend to prefer more immediate results, and a DoT is anything but immediate. (See, also, Octavia being so good she's boring and her playrate is a meme. Preference makes a difference, too!) Important to note that buffing e
  2. Why would we have to pick? It's entirely feasible to have organized groups of enemies that, individually, are as interesting as a sack of potatoes, but work in some combinatory way with greater dynamics and efficacy. That'd probably fit Warframe's mass-slaughter power-fantasy concept better, anyway. That said, let's also be real: give enemies projectile weapons across the board and bring scaling down to reasonable levels and you'd probably end up on the precipice of a perfectly healthy, more engaging experience - even before things like enemy organization and special patterns are introduc
  3. I wouldn't want exclusive rewards. I'm not even a fan of Conclave in general having exclusive and non-tradeable rewards, at least with how standing is handed out at current. Besides some people feeling like they have to play (and being miserable and making others miserable especially when not doing well - I would know, I was one of them), I know it's one reason broken weapons see fairly common use. Have literally had some people say they're using those setups to get the rewards faster. It incentivizes being a cheap bas-- Ehem But yeah, even variant modes would be a welcome stop-gap.
  4. It's another instance of damage. Which means it's probably something we just shield restore through, or we're CC-ing everything so badly that there's nothing that can reasonably follow up to make the shield gate loss a concern. Either that or we're using one of the few setups where that kind of damage would be a big deal. Problem is, that makes "self-damage as a weapon drawback" pretty unreliable: for some setups it'll be significant, for others it won't matter. That makes it pretty much impossible to tell if it's an effective drawback. (Personally, I think both self-damage and self-stagg
  5. And give Dog Days a PvP component that, IMO, should have been added when the idea was first made. I'd say one of the better things they could do is putting in a server browser with player-customizable matches to remove controversies from changes / reversions. People want Quick Steel? Let them make Quick Steel. No more Telos? Let people ban it. Mods, abilities, shield gating, even movement speeds and parkour if they wanted to be really crazy. Let the playerbase build what they fancy and have the devs focus on just throwing more levers and knobs into the mix (with the occasional, but less c
  6. Ignoring that it was rhetorical for a moment, I'd probably tweak it to match melee swing mechanics, where percentages of damage instances pass through to the next target (and such innate PT works against only enemies, not terrain). That could leave existing PT the way it is, applying both to enemies and objects with the percentage reductions applying only after existing PT "runs dry". From there, weapons can tweak those two values as they see fit. (It's also possible to take an extreme route: give ranged single-target weapons effective infinite PT, and grant damage bonuses on sequential t
  7. Just on the "eternal clone" idea: there is a noteworthy difference in how Wukong's clone uses the opposite melee / ranged weapon as the player, which means an effective Wukong clone has the player using melee. If the Equinox clone uses the same weapon as the player, then an effective Equinox clone has the player using a ranged weapon. That difference alone could separate use cases. Then add in things like lack of Ability Strength health scaling on Equinox (so the spectre is a lot less tanky but perhaps a touch more powerful) and inversion of abilities between the player and the spectre on Equi
  8. Maybe a case for innate punch through mechanics, no? That'd match the multi-target-ability of melee and AoE weapons, and that seems to be a sizable factor in the performance gulf between the two sets.
  9. Tyreaus

    Lore islands

    Ordinarily I would say, yeah, that's a huge issue. But there's two fallbacks: 1. Communication messages, via our inbox. Not everything needs to be VA'd, after all. 2. Reference via a second character. It's totally possible for Cy to say that Darvo got a hold of us, and roll things from there. Or a mix of both, really. Neither are great options; it'd be best to have voice acting and see the characters live. But it's not a dichotomy of "either they have VAs or the characters don't get involved at all". Not every iota of the game needs to be bombastic, top-of-the-line on a tec
  10. While I'm all for differentiating factions even more, especially to give different weapons different niches, there's two problems. On the weapon side, a good number of AoE weapons have damage values exceeding their single-target relatives. A Bramma has a single-target damage over 2x that of a Vectis, and even ekes out the Daikyu in pure base damage numbers (not counting crit). If more than one enemy is in that radius, even if its fewer than the Infested spawn rates, then you're adding even more damage atop that. Melee weapons are at a similar point, where their damage - even against one t
  11. The biggest core problem is the game's emphasis on kills per second. As long as Warframe emphasizes that facet to the degree it does, any balance change is going to affect kill rates, and thus affect reward rates, and nobody is going to go for that. Beyond that, what I think could change for engagement / challenge to work decently well: 1. Unit organization. We deal with numbers of enemies too big and too chaotic for a single unit to be viewed as more than an annoyance. Collect enemies into (even small, but organized) groups and you'll probably have a much easier time, since the play
  12. As I wrote later on: values for Corrosive (and, though unsaid, Viral) could be tweaked to alter that relationship. This is largely around AoE / non-AoE weapons, the former of which aren't as reliable at hitting headshots as the latter. I do agree one could probably drop the 2x weakpoint multiplier for armoured enemies, though. That probably makes things go a touch too overkill. Huh? How does this concept make it more of a "colour-matching minigame", especially than we already have, and especially when you mention earlier about how it would make Viral more prominent? I would think
  13. (Note: "bypass armour DR" is basically "bypass armour" but keeping the modifiers from the armour type.) There would likely need to be other tweaks (some of which, like Corrosive, probably need an update anyway), but I can think of a few benefits. It helps with the (either perceived or actual) melee / gun imbalance a bit. Doesn't fix it outright, but melee weapons aren't exactly renowned for getting headshots the same way rifles can. It adds in some optional mechanical skill. Instead of needing to build for armour - which you still can - you can just land headshots and go.
  14. Definitely have to shoot the tornadoes. They spread damage instances to everything caught in them. Otherwise...well you're either going to like her or you're not, honestly. She's on the tankier side, CC-oriented, and a little bit of an odd-ball in her manoeuvring. Other frames certainly can do parts of her job better (as mentioned with her shield), but the way she does her work is decently unique. Kind of like this airborne Nidus sort of thing, except not needing punch through. Some people like that style, some people don't.
  15. I find it's less the duration (since you're likely modding for duration quite a bit anyway) and more that the effect fades off, so you're only getting half the bonus half-way through the duration. That and the abysmal cast times. Its current implementation could be a 0-energy ability with no issue, I think. Rage is definitely the sub-par option between the two. Her kit is basically "if night, use rest; if day, use maim". Have advocated for Rage imparting a Radiation effect many times. Make the debuff and buff both work for the player. Day form one isn't too bad, but the ni
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