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  1. You do realize that @Flackenstien never actually called them cosmetic mods, right? Even if "cosmetic versions of other mods" isn't the absolutely most clear phrase (because we tend to shorthand language for expediency, even though any version of anything must share some core properties of that other thing so stat increases are pretty heavily implied), they've: 1. Been explicit in saying they're borrowing the "Peculiar" prefix, 2. Explicitly stated what the mods do, and 3. Forwarded the implication that they're PvE mods because Serration isn't enabled in Conclave. If that doesn't suit your fancy, we can brainstorm a new prefix for these mods or think over a fully detailed phrase to describe them – after you stop building strawmen.
  2. This ties into an "enemy mass" problem, too. Surviving against Infested isn't really a problem from a game design perspective: they're mostly melee units, so you're able to leap around and kite enemies in fairly open spaces to stay alive. Not easy, by any stretch, and Toxin ospreys make sure of that. But it's completely doable. As long as there aren't a mass of fecking toxin eximus... Against Corpus and, even more so, Grineer, there are too many lines of fire to avoid damage at anything approaching a reliable rate. With sometimes wild spawn angles, even taking cover isn't terribly effective – not that the game's pacing really encourages that. The options there become "tank it or die". And thus we have calls for increased durability to make Warframes viable. (Not to mention straight-out homing attacks, e.g. from Eidolons or Bombards. That gets infuriating just thinking about...)
  3. DE themselves tend to look the other way when macros are used for QoL / non-automation stuff. In general, DE only cares when software is used to break the game (eg. AFK automation) or when it starts mucking with the game itself. Something like reWASD only touches input mappings, not the game, so if you use it nicely, it should be okay. (Keep in mind, albeit, that DE's official policy is "use it at your own risk". They provide no guarantees nor official precedent.) As for auto-bans, from what I understand of Warframe and anti-cheat systems by-and-large, the anti-cheat just refuses to load the game. It shouldn't auto-ban. Though I certainly welcome being corrected on that! I'm not 100% sure, I'm going off memory and general standards I've seen elsewhere in how that sort of external software is managed.
  4. From the wiki for Corrosive: In other words, in the damage reduction formula: Corrosive degrades and ignores the net armour value. Instead of that, maybe we should have it degrade and ignore the damage reduction value. Practically speaking, this would mean armour stripping would put caps on the amount of damage reduction a target can have. 10 stacks of Corrosive would mean the armour can reduce incoming damage by at most 20%. At level 175, a Corrupted Heavy Gunner with 10 Corrosive stacks would have a DR of ~19.4%. At current, a level 175 Corrputed Heavy Gunner with 10 Corrosive stacks has a DR of ~86%. Likewise, Corrosive damage against Ferrite armour would be reduced by at most 25%, before armour removal methods. The effect of this change is as straightforward as the change itself: it ensures elements that are good against armour stay good against armour. This is like how both Viral and Magnetic increase damage against health and shields (respectively), regardless of the enemy's level. This would give those anti-armour elements more room to breathe at higher levels, where Viral and Slash is the current way to go due to Slash's total ignore of armour. And it would do so without touching Slash's efficacy whatsoever. As a bonus aside: if this is applied to full-armour-stripping abilities as-is, it may allow those abilities to keep the armoured health type (since the armour value is still positive) but still reduce the damage reduction to 0% – as intended by the 100% armour strip. That feature is entirely optional, of course.
  5. It seems that individual extraction should be enabled for alerts, just as it is for regular endless mission types. In fact, I don't see why it shouldn't be enabled everywhere possible. Exterminate, Spy, alert or non-alert...
  6. That doesn't really solve any of the problems I mentioned. As is, players still have to navigate to the cosmetics page (rather than the upgrades page) to equip those items with those stats, sifting through the list of likely identical items, and we'd have to develop a different duplicate protection system. Or we have to seriously rethink how things are laid out to make them more accessible - while retooling duplicate protection. However important (or unimportant) the stats are, that headache exists.
  7. Or you stick an Osprey with a Zhuge Prime arrow and the Osprey charges at you. If we must remove self-stagger and opt for something else, I'd still and forever forward a weakening effect that greatly increases the player's vulnerability to enemy fire – perhaps with an upper-body-only stun that briefly prevents firing – so that it's neither a bothersome knock-down nor a guaranteed death sentence. Also, fall damage in a game that has Heavy Impact as a mod is just funny.
  8. Brainstorming the idea kind of makes it nuke itself. Tying enchantments to specific cosmetics is a big no-no, as arcane helmets also went. So the best form this could have is any enchantment on any cosmetic. Doing so means we need to rethink duplicate protection on cosmetics, and deal with the nightmare of the player having to organize a list of identical-looking, likely-identically-named items in search of the one with the just-right enchantment. They either must suffer or we have the task of building the system in a way that remains accessible. Plus navigability with the cosmetics page itself, especially given it's divorce from the upgrade page (literally, the upgrade page and cosmetics page diverge from the very first path, when you hover over the Warframe item slot). It seems easier to avoid all that via a second upgrade page, or more arcane slots, or whatever other item type one wants to add to Warframes to perform the same function. It's done with the Plexus, can carry identical benefits (e.g. in trading), and doing that avoids all of the above issues from the starting gun. Trying to combine stats and cosmetics in Warframe is the path of most resistance, not least. It's just an uphill battle from the beginning. Why would anyone do that to themselves?
  9. Maybe? But we have some pretty full-body animations – both in the Helminth system and in idle stances – that end up working across multiple Warframes of quite disparate stature (Yareli vs Chroma, e.g.). IDK exactly how DE rigs it up, but I do get the impression there's some kind of relative positioning happening behind the scenes that would keep animations from breaking across skeletons. Or at least things are close enough that a little bit of clipping isn't a huge deal. (In most cases, at least: pretty sure Grendel with any skin is going to have something going on with his 4 they might have to fix)
  10. FWIW, there may be an argument for opening up skin selection so, say, I could put Equinox Prime's aesthetics on Octavia. Animation sets already cross that boundary (and thematic boundaries), and things like Tennogen might be a touch more popular if we could put those looks on a frame we like. Plus, I'm pretty sure DE did mention separating mechanics and aesthetics when they dumped arcane helmets... But in terms of switching functionality, or mixing and matching individual abilities via Helminth? Well...I won't beat that dead horse.
  11. That does seem like a decent option for Gas, but I'm not sure I would take "combining elements" too much further. The ideal elemental system I see is that each element has its own little niche - Gas being an AoE status-spreader is a niche, for example, and one that could make it work very well as an elemental primer for Condition Overload. But that would mean some other element couldn't lift the same "status spreading" mechanic. If it did, it'd compete with Gas for that spot, and only one of them would win - right? That's not to say Electric couldn't keep the AoE damage spot, mind. Frankly, if they were to add enemy attraction to Magnetic and update Gas so that its damage procs wouldn't stagnate at 10, that could end up disgustingly powerful. That synergy with Magnetic alone could make Gas good: they fit together naturally and complement one another, one half as CC and one half as damage. (And that's despite that kind of falling short of full build synergy)
  12. And not having a smooth gear increase to go along with it. You take something like, say, Diablo and you have gradual increase in enemy strength and gradual increase in player's equipment, largely powered by number bumps in variants of the same stuff. DE seems to want weapons to fill that niche, and their stats sort of follow a curve based on MR and general game updates (see Prime weapons where this loves to fall apart). The problem is that the weapons are unique, and besides that uniqueness creating attachment (see all the complaints about the Kuva Nukor nerf), their actual performance gets thrown about all over the place because of that mechanical variety. Some stances and AoE mechanics can make weapons perform spectacular even in content that, based on their paper stats and MR requirement, should outstrip the weapon. Meanwhile, the one system that could act like "gradual number bumps in variants of the same stuff" - the mod system - isn't updated with sufficient frequency. Or at least not with that design intended. Despite that system working decently well throughout the starchart progression path.
  13. Oy, I didn't grind out a Kuva Karak to rank 40 just to be forbidden from maximum shinytown in my mod screen D:<
  14. I can see some way elements would help each other - but I think it just needs to go further. Ideally, you would have a situation where element x is better than element y, but element y trumps element x in some builds. And that's most easily done with unique mechanics in niche cases. Consider your proposed Magnetic change: Viral would be better than Magnetic in most cases (as it is now), but with something that focuses on punch through or AoE - like the Arca Plasmor - you could see Magnetic doing better than Viral just because of that pull mechanic. So on and so forth with Radiation and Puncture and Gas... (Though this does also bring up the point of "maybe we need fewer elements and/or status effects", especially if we're trying to eliminate elemental competition. There's only so many unique interactions that are also useful, after all. Not to mention modding for a specific IPS element is, comparatively, painful.) Perhaps making Corrosive additive would help? Or making Corrosive drop 75% armour on the first proc and reduce armour flat-on-base on following procs, like Shattering Impact. Either way, there's plenty of solutions to tweak that up. :)
  15. I can't help but see the same issues of the current elemental system carrying over to this proposed touch-up. And, unfortunately, basically nothing improving. Elements still compete (Gas is going to beat out Toxin once more) and armour remains a major factor that'll push various elements far above their competition. Radiation and Cold remain anti-boss elements, Blast remains underused because it otherwise eats up Heat (especially if building Corrosive), and the entire thing suffers from a major difference between damage efficacy and proc efficacy - which is what makes Cold good despite its status proc being hecka sub-par. (Which, itself, leads to quite cookie-cutter builds) A hint of the sorts of things that can help that exist in this proposal, namely the Magnetic change. Another example comes from a different thread, where it was suggested to make Blast knock down but count the entire target as a "headshot hitbox". That makes a good synergy with "on headshot / headshot kill" arcanes and Galvanized mods. Those sorts of changes steer elements away from needing to be good on their own into being good in combination with other things. And that goes a long way toward removing elemental competition: it's hard to compare Olympians if they're participating in completely different sports, right? That is also where Impact could shine if the Parazon system was, well, a lot better. That's the only downside of creating efficacy via combinations: the stuff the element combines with has to, itself, be half-decent. Side-note: Considering how armour stripping methods are multiplicative, this still means you wouldn't get to a full armour strip in a lot of cases. IDK if that level of restrictiveness is intentional, but if not, it may need some clarification.
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