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  1. Have said similar before: Health - Armour - Shields - Toughness -Health and Shields work the same as usual. -Armour (basically "overhealth", so can be regenerated with Tenno) has self-damage reduction based on its current value, but doesn't recharge, and any weapon damage will degrade it -Toughness replaces what armour does now and is just the measure of innate damage resistance (a multiplier applied to all EHP values), which already exists throughout Warframe (Various abilities, Noxes, Eximus units...), but—importantly—doesn't scale. Then a multitude of other changes can get introduced to work with that change. Various statuses can then get built around bypassing armour and shields or applying armour / shield bypass procs in an area. Others (e.g. Puncture) decrease Toughness, eventually turning it into a damage buff rather than a resistance. Some damage types may bypass armour's damage resistance (e.g. reducing the DR effect by a flat %, instead of ignoring a % of the armour—25% armour =/= 25% armour DR), but not the armour itself. Armour damage reduction can be capped, since it is its own EHP class and the added values wouldn't just be fluff. So on and so forth, however people / DE likes. The end result nevertheless being that "one must mod for armour" stops being a thing and status immunity isn't necessarily quite so egregious.
  2. I would figure they would have the humility to ask. But you're right. I shouldn't assume that about people. Then all weapons and Warframes are fine and for the ones that aren't, there's other ones. Okay. Cheers.
  3. Yes. Except that excludes the Paris, Dread, every Cernos variant... Unless you mean to argue that, because the Daikyu can compete with snipers, or the Lenz can deal with crowds well, or the Cernos Prime can (theoretically) compete with shotguns, bows in general are fine? (That's rhetorical, obviously: I know you aren't, but goodness, must I put footnotes to describe every minutia of things I figured we all knew?)
  4. Was thinking more Eidolons / bosses when I mentioned the shot counter, just didn't say it outright. ^^;
  5. While likely true, I think a single-shot alt-fire wouldn't hurt. That's just me, though.
  6. While I can't say that Lenz or crossbows would really need something like this (the former has big AoE, the latter have decent rapid-fire), I like the concept. Something else to consider is that bows / snipers / semi-auto weapons tend to share the same "can't handle crowds well" issue—Warframe being so much of a horde shooter means single-target, slow, semi-auto weapons have very limited niches—so it's possible something like this could be useful for all three classes. Bows are, though, likely in the worst place, having the ammo problems of snipers without the shot combo counter to compensate and with non-hitscan shots.
  7. I mean, the practical problem is that universal Rivens means there's no need for Riven slots. Get one for status, one for crit, one for flat damage maybe...a few others with random stats like less recoil for the weird weapons? Even the most absurd asks would readily fall within 15 slots. Same goes for actually modular weapons and weapon slots (though that's less of an impact, sharing with regular weapons and all). Not that they're bad ideas, they're just unlikely to be done because of the dollar bills. As for the RNG stuff they've been doing lately...I doubt they're going to turn around with that any time soon, which is a tragedy, but it's the path they seem hell bent on walking so...
  8. Emphasis lies on "need". I.e., no she doesn't need it, but it would be nice to have her updated for greater fluidity. I'm not sure if you mean to be addressing the "affinity range" change in particular, or the entire thing. If you mean the entire thing, the major differences would be: 1. Optimal charge gain requires filling both sides of the gauge 2. Any ability can add to charge 3. Charge isn't lost arbitrarily (running out of energy or switching forms, for example) Otherwise, Mend and Maim is pretty much identical from a functional standpoint: kill enemies, get charge based on their health and shields, release charge for healing or damage. The scaling potential on Maim exists, the "kill one enemy to heal everyone" exists, et cetera. If you mean the "affinity range" and the damage falloff, I'm not wed to that idea. It was a thought to help medium- or low-range builds not be quite as much of a neuter to her kit, especially her ult. The gauge proposed is just a permanent form of the Mend / Maim "gauge" shown when Mend and Maim is activated. It already exists, it's just brought to the forefront.
  9. Thank you! If I might ask, how do you feel about the form / buff switching schema proposed here, and the proposed augments / augment changes?
  10. This is probably where the error lies. A properly done converter, as exists in Conclave, maintains overall damage. For example, a Lex Prime starts with 7.8I / 62.4P / 7.8 S / 78T. Using Meteor Munitions (20% to Impact) doesn't increase Impact by 7.8 * 1.2 = 17.16, it increases it to 21.8 (21.8I / 49.9P / 6.2S / 78T), or up to ~27.9% damage. Granted I haven't the foggiest idea how the hell they get that number, since it goes from 10% to 27.94872%—one would think it would additively go to 30% or something... With or without the converter, it still deals 78 damage total, meaning the calculations for a non-IPS element proc remain the same.
  11. She may not explicitly need a rework, but an update just to bring her kit into modernity would help a lot across the board. With that in mind, I scrapped together the following proposition: Passive: Equilibrium Equinox has two gauges, one night and one day, denoting the total health and shields of enemies killed while under the effect of any of her abilities. -The night gauge fills when enemies affected by night form abilities are killed; vice versa for day -These gauges fuel Mend and Maim (instead of needing the aura active) -However, the amount gained (efficiency) depends on the relative amount in the opposite gauge For example: If the night gauge is empty and the day gauge is in the millions, the day gauge will take only small percentages of enemy health and shields, while the night gauge will tack on a very large multiplier to enemy health and shields. As the night gauge increases, the percentage gain on the day gauge will increase, while the multiplier on the night gauge will decrease until they both reach similar values and hit about 100% efficiency. -Nullifier bubbles gradually drain the gauge, but do not remove it outright Metamorphosis -On tap: switches forms at no energy cost (almost) instantaneously (Easter egg: If you tap again mid-switch, then you get to use her mixed appearance! Purely cosmetic effect) -Holding the ability key "boosts" the current form for 25 energy with the following buffs: Day form: Abilities gain 25% strength (on cast), as well as current weapon damage and movement speed buffs Night form: Abilities gain 25% range (on cast), as well as current armour and shield buffs "On Cast" means Pacify and Provoke will NOT update for the new buff until it is recast -Buffs no longer decay over time, only at the end of the duration -Buffs switch to the opposite form when shifting (at no extra cost, but with no reset to the duration) -Buff cast becomes non-animated (barring visuals around Equinox) - all manoeuvres and weapons are usable during buff cast time (Abilities, however, are not) -Can be recast to refresh buff durations -Duality is activated via "boosting" -Kills while Equinox is "boosted", including Duality kills, also add to the Equilibrium gauge Rest and Rage -Rage inflicts radiation proc against enemies (This is just to give it a little something extra to fit alongside Rest's power) Pacify and Provoke -In day form, gains a damaging aura (the same as current day Maim's aura), alongside the ability strength buff to Equinox and allies -In night form, enemies killed in the aura grant allies shields (same as current night Mend aura), alongside allied damage reduction (to match Provoke's ally-focused buffing) -Changed to a "properly" channelled ability, with drain unaffected by nearby enemies or allied ability casts, and with a substantially reduced casting cost -When Metamorphosis is activated, the ability switches types automatically at no extra energy cost -Enemies killed within Pacify and Provoke's aura contribute to the respective side of the Equilibrium gauge Peaceful Provocation "As Equinox gains Equilibrium charge, Pacify and Provoke grows stronger" Gaining Equilibrium charge enhances the effects of Pacify and Provoke (up to their respective caps), along with the following extra buffs: In day form, enemies within the aura take increased damage In night form, enemies within the aura are slowed and their damage output is also reduced -Charge starts counting after Pacify and Provoke is cast. Mend and Maim -Is a single-cast ability, rather than a channel-to-release -Greatly decreased cast time (the entire charge-up animation is removed) -Uses the respective half of the Equilibrium gauge to heal or deal damage -Increased energy cost (maybe ~75?) -Range is based on Affinity Range, while the range stat alters the ability's healing / damage falloff instead (This way, it's useful even in low-range builds, but requires extra work to compensate) New Mend and Maim augment: Medicating Malice "Concentrate Mend and Maim to a fine point with increased efficiency" -Turns Mend and Maim from a player-centric AoE to a target-centered AoE -Targeted AoE is much smaller (think Rest and Rage sizes) but much longer ranged and reduced (50 at most) energy cost -Uses only the amount of Equilibrium gauge required to heal / kill targets in casting range (i.e. does not waste charge) -I will push for this until the day I die and I have no shame - I want my healing sniper ability Another Mend and Maim augment: Cloak and Dagger "Unused Equilibrium charge buffs nearby allies" -Excess charge from Mend and Maim buffs allies in the following way: Day form: For every (target player health x 2^n) unspent charge, allies gain n seconds of increased melee attack speed and damage, based on ability strength Night form: For every (target player health x 2^n) unspent charge, allies gain n seconds of invisibility and intangibility -Invis / intangibility dispels if the player attacks in any form, not including companions, but reapplies shortly thereafter (akin to Ivara's Prowl, but without the silenced weapon option) The formula means that double the amount of charge used (either in damaging / healing or in granting the previous second of the buff) is required for every additional second. So what does this all do? 1. Much faster gameplay. Switching forms is instant and the longest cast time in her 4 is gone outright. 2. Everything feeds into her ultimate gauge. Even the half you don't really need helps in the long run. 3. Rewarding technical sophistication (without needing it). Optimal gameplay involves switching forms and using her abilities across both. Is it necessary? Not in the slightest: you can activate her 3 and switch back and forth with her 1 until you're happy. But weaving in everything will probably get you to that tile clearing level quite a bit faster. I do welcome feedback and other suggestions, though I do have a few specific questions: 1. How would people like the switching and buffs from Metamorphosis to work? Would people prefer having the buffs switch with her forms? Stay the same until its recast? Keep the ability buffs the same, but switch the other buffs? 2. Would people prefer Peaceful Provokation's added effects to be part of the main ability, making the augment only a buff to those effects? 3. Is Cloak and Dagger's invisibility and intangibility too powerful, even with the Ivara-like treatment, given the rest of Equinox's proposed kit? (I was aiming for a sort of middle ground between Ivara and Wukong, but it's probably a bit overkill...) Credits I can't take credit for everything proposed here. I cannot find the OP, but someone else had mentioned the gauge idea in another thread likely long archived. Whoever you are, you deserve the credit for that! Also everyone else who (probably) came up with ideas I unintentionally hijacked.
  12. A question for OP: What does it look like with visuals turned down? Does it become even thinner, or does it stay the same? And what if you switch from custom to high preset (or otherwise fuss with settings and revert them)? I ask because I've had settings issues with numerous things—my Lex still has a lens flare unless I reset to the "low" preset (but other lighting effects are normal), the screen warps during blinks even with that setting turned off—and it's possible this is caused by the same problem.
  13. When they fix up Equinox one of these decades, maybe then I'll switch. Until then, monkey 4 lyf.
  14. Weirdly harkens me back to a discussion I had with someone about removing the "chance" parts of critical and status, having the status stance be a measure of how many shots it'd take to apply a status and crit being isolated to weakpoints...hm... Part of me wonders if we may have too many proc types? There's multiple considerations when it comes to rebalancing status effects, from efficacy against bosses and across factions and stackability. Magnetic, for example, could find a bigger cross-faction use if it generated a bullet attractor effect. But then one has to give Void damage a different effect—unless we were to drop it. Fewer elements means more possible options for the ones we have without major overlap. (Or maybe we need to consider more overlap...?) There might be other ways to shuffle proc effects so that, though we'd have fewer, the ones we'd end up with would each be top notch. And the result could be more intuitive. For example, if we had heat, electric, and toxin, we could match those up to Grineer, Corpus, and Infested in terms of which faction(s) they're best against, instead of breaking down by sometimes obscure health types. Something to consider, perhaps.
  15. As mentioned: staticor and dual ichor (the slide attack on the latter especially, as some kind of multihit seems to be dealing a lot of damage with dual sword slide attacks). IMO it depends on how one plays it, too, at least from any semblance of an objective standpoint. Staticor is kind of "cheap" in its AoE, but there's a big difference between pulling it out once in a while to secure a very close kill, or using it as a crutch all the time. I mean, sometimes, you just have to CYA in case someone decides to go ham with a Telos Boltace...
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