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  1. Honestly, NGL, I thought the dedicated servers were entirely for connection purposes and loadout swapping was done client-side. E.g., loadouts are loaded onto the client, client updates host / other clients on swap. So TY for the info!
  2. Amid talk about the difficulties of implementing a portable armory, it's perhaps worth throwing an idea of just being able to swap between (at least a few) loadouts? Something like that functions in Conclave, and if it can safely work there without dedicated inventory servers...could fit what OP desires without major restructuring?
  3. As said: if everything else is nerfed or adjusted in kind, yes. Though I'd also add on "if some abilities are adjusted too". Ember's whole heat gauge might not be very sustainable with a limited energy pool, and there's a number of damage abilities (besides the ones that already aren't worth it) that might get dunked on with a stricter energy economy. Personally, if abilities are much more rare, I'd like to see them all get a healthy bump in power so they can reliably wreck house.
  4. I'm as against the nerfs as you are - I see DE trying to steer the game away from "idle game" territory but doing so from the wrong direction (nerfing ability usefulness and power rather than adjusting access) - but the game's been about Warframes and weapons since its inception. To say, in spite of that fact, "It's called Warframe so it's about Warframes" is the same as saying "the tagline is 'ninjas play free' so we should be like ninjas". Just because that's what it says on the tin doesn't mean focusing all design around it is the best idea.
  5. The problem with vanilla cooldowns, IMO, is their static nature. There's no player input. You use an ability, tap your foot for a handful of seconds, then use it again. You could throw a macro to use abilities and not really lose out on much. I do tend to support a modified version of Loza's idea that uses cooldowns on non-ultimate abilities and energy on ultimate abilities. In general: landing hits with weapons reduces cooldowns, and ability damage (or, simply, usage) grants energy. I support that because, in the same vein as Loza's idea can bring non-meta weapons to a forefront by tying
  6. I'm going to skip over the nitty-gritty details because that's not really my point. Let me put it this way: Prior to the Deimos update, what has the lore said about Tenno being the Orokin's proverbial wildcard? Insofar as I can tell, and correct me if I'm wrong, the core idea is that the Tenno are Void-touched, the only things able to wield the power capable of countering the Sentient threat, via their Warframes. Necramechs have countered that "only" part. They show the Orokin could, in fact, wield Void energy themselves - at minimum in the form of their shielding, though IMHO weapon
  7. Personally, I have a gripe with how a number of the things added on feel quite a bit like core Warframe when they probably should be more distinct. And that's not a knock on the additions, but on the baseline game and theming, especially as we've gotten additions. We pilot big frak-off mechs to cut through swarms of enemies and tiny agile Warframes to...cut through swaths of enemies. Like, shouldn't the Warframe be focused a lot more on avoiding en-masse engagement, and the Necramech fulfilling the Rambo style of gameplay? See also Operators being glass cannons (but lacking the comparative fir
  8. Besides what Loza says being totally accurate (also to note: more elements means more things to balance so things remain equally useful), there's the other question of: what would the extra element do? We already have a bit of a problem of some procs doing basically the same thing (Blast reduces accuracy and thus reduces damage, Puncture reduces damage straight-up, various CC elements; Gas and Electric being AoE DoT procs, etc. etc.). So we would have to add in 1 more proc for the base element, plus 4 for combined elements (if I did my maths right). What would those even do? I can think of a f
  9. It's not about the lore ad verbatim but the choices made in developing the lore that I have major issue with. Up to this point, Warframes / Tenno were the Achilles heel to Sentients, being the only thing that could harness the energy Sentients were vulnerable to. For a game about a power fantasy, that's a comfortable position to put the player in. We're the heroes of the solar system against the Sentient threat, woo! The problem I have is that the writers chose to break that monopoly by making Necramechs similarly capable by themselves. They may be technically inferior in some regards, be
  10. I don't like the feel that they're (badly) trying to replace Warframes, basically, even if it's an unintentional thing. The lore "additions" effectively shoehorn mechs into the "void-slinging" place Warframes / Operators occupied (see: a few threads asking why Warframes are necessary if Necramechs are also anti-Sentient machines). Likewise, where you'd expect mechs to be, y'know, slower and lumbering and powerful things, they're shoved into an event mission that relies more on quickly and effectively getting from point A to point B (where most use a Fluctus) - y'know, that thing Warframes are
  11. Prefer this anyway TBQH: 1. Throwing on regular melee has input problems described in quite a few places (i.e. try to do regular melee but end up throwing instead) 2. Recalling without burning the combo counter can be invaluable (cf. Xoris) 3. If it means Glaives can be thrown from a gun-wielding stance (i.e. without having to do a regular melee or be holding the melee weapon), it means other weapons can have their heavy attacks done on-demand, which is something asked for since the Melee 3.0 changes.
  12. I often play Spy missions without killing. I kind of liked the Deimos quest where it largely forced (or at least heavily encouraged) stealth. And the old tutorial mission that focused a bit more on stealth was nice. I don't think a total transition is a good idea, obviously, but I see Warframe having the capability to lean a little bit into pacifistic content if the devs really wanted to try their hand at it. IMO, that and missions with much fewer, but much beefier and more sophisticated enemies would help diversify from the bog-standard "blowing up bunches of fodder" found in such excess
  13. DISCLAIMER: Played without own Necramech, using extant Mechs and Operator (very largely the latter - pretty much any built amp outperforms the free Necramechs) Straightforward: kill the marked things, shoot the bigger marked thing. Good when not rushed. When having to hunt down things on a 2- or 3-floor room, especially under a time limit, it really shows the limited mobility of Necramechs. The event basically highlights this problem. Were it any other mission type, even mobile defence, there'd be no complaints, because "trudging around and blowing things up" is what big-frak-o
  14. FWIW I think the most straightforward solution is to disable the anti-Warframe shield when the Orphix is vulnerable. That way the Necramechs are still required (well, with Ops, "required"), but if the Mech you have is sub-par (i.e. the free one), you have a fallback in standard weaponry. Also, regarding the comparisons to other sorts of things: - Initial Archwing is given via mission, not syndicate / RNG grind - Eidolons and Profit Taker aren't time-limited events, so while they have a similar grind aspect, they're not over in a month. Not passing judgement by saying that,
  15. From what I understand, the ability to interfere with Transference was a very recent addition to their arsenal not present in the Old War. I think there's supposed to be some implied sense that Ballas is helping upgrade the Sentient to be counter-Void. Though I have to question its necessity, since there's some decent implications Tenno aren't at 100% strength like they were in the Old War, that's at least readily acceptable on the face of things. Keeping opinions of the event to myself since, well...I've refrained from playing it due to its central premise being highly uninteresting.
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