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  1. I have to kind of wonder how necessary having a separate transformation ability actually is, and how much of a headache it creates for otherwise good suggestions like these. I think the "problem" with this idea is the same problem that plagues the ability and largely stops people using both forms: the only main purpose to expend that time and energy is just to transform. That's it. Bonuses like these are nice enough, but unlike Wukong's new Defy which you can use for either CC or armour gain with nothing really lost whatever the intent, they will never be a (good) main reason why you press 1. This is already the case with her shield / armour / damage gain: it is too costly and too much of a hassle. Compare that to, say, a tap-for-Night hold-for-Day ability system, where pressing her 1 augments her abilities with its opposite effects as suggested. Now pretty much the entire purpose of pressing her 1 key is to get those bonuses. It might not be mindblowing per se—there aren't, right now, that spectacular of synergies between her day/night ability forms—but it stands on its own. And, importantly, suggestions like these becoming the main mechanic mean you can always use the ability without breaking everything else in your build or making it way inconvenient. And that's how it should have always been. TBH, this feels like this steers toward Wukong's 1. The core part of Duality is that she can use whatever weapon you want her to use with 3x the damage output. Celestial Twin doesn't have the same level of weapon damage output and is finnicky at best with weapon selection (no dual kitgun play 4 u) but can mimic / benefit from Wukong's abilities. Duality is weapons-focused, Celestial Twin is abilities-focused. Iron Staff aside... That said, it would be nice if some of Celestial Twin's other aspects were carried over to Duality, e.g. a health-based 'duration' and the ability to 'recast' at an enemy to tell the spectre to focus fire. Also the AI seems better on CT especially for melee so, yeah, that too.
  2. Just to bump for importance and add two things: 1. This is important for some players as an "enemy finder" / laser sight - especially on Sentinels (but also on MOAs to a degree). Bright colours for status procs just don't help if we're not already looking at the target, and enemy radar is only so accurate. 2. For DE: The beam seems to be using the wrong visual - there's a brief flash of the beam and some streaks of light reminiscent of the Opticor. I'm thinking it may be a very small pointer issue, with the firing script pointing to the Opticor animation instead of the Cryotra animation.
  3. TBH, none of these solutions address the problems posed, even when taken as a whole. Separate slots and capping doesn't prevent high-disposition weapons from being impacted by nerfs. Complaints I've seen regarding nerfs in particular tend to focus around those high-tier, high-dispo weapons. Meanwhile, though buffing really underpowered & underused weapons does help with percentage-based Riven stats (and should probably be done regardless to keep up with the modern ~15-30% crit / status avg., or whatever the exact numbers are), it's a different topic: if they were to get buffed, everything else said regarding snipers and the like remains a fact. Personally, I think the disposition should just alter the probabilities of high-/low-stat rolls instead of setting hard upper / lower stat bounds. Maybe adjust the Kuva cost as well. Probably coupled with tweaks to those low-tier weapons, as mentioned prior (which, regardless of Riven debate, should happen so that they're up to par). No more nerfs of existing Rivens. Cheaper average prices for high-dispo Rivens (due to supply/demand). Greater acquisition capability (due to fewer, likely cheaper, rolls needed to get the "god roll" often desired). And it fits nicely with the popularity criteria: less popular weapons get more populous high-tier rolls. It doesn't fix the sniper problem being suck in a horde shooter but that's just snipers. Maybe they could make those ricochet off like, an invisible force field behind a target to strike additional targets, and give semi-autos the shot counter.
  4. Someone else suggested making all enemy fire projectile-based. This is probably the best bet, since it gives particular "lethal ranges" beyond which certain styles of mobility remain effective (depending on projectile speed), even against an aimbot. Personally, I like the feel, too. The baller-ness of leaping around and dodging gunfire kind of falls flat when you can't see what skimmed past, and given Corrupted use pellet weapons that shoot projectiles, it isn't unfathomable for the mechanic to be copy-pasted to Grineer... I think the main problem with enemy damage output is the EHP breadth. Not everything reaches the OHKO / Time-to-death point (the former shouldn't exist IMO) at the same time, and—correct me if my reading is wrong—that seems to be your main issue. How do you make something challenging to tank frames that won't annihilate a squishy in an instant? Variable speed projectiles to emphasize parkour as an option for squishy frames? Variable enemy damage to make squishies less squishy artificially? Damage capped based on players' max health as a DPS function? Some combination of all of them? A tuna sandwich? Many could be devised, but many are also extremely complicated to work in a satisfactory way and start to thread into the very framework of the game. Personally, I'd like to see difficulty based more around the parkour system—positioning and agility—so that the point becomes avoiding the worst damage and recovering from the inevitable chip damage, with tank frames having more leeway. But while I can start to come up with ideas that might reach toward that, it's a ridiculous-sized overhaul to make that happen.
  5. Since this is in the Players helping Players forum: Instead of going with your gut reaction, give it some time and play with it a little bit to see how it feels. Unless / until they overhaul the Riven system (maybe where disposition affects roll probabilities instead of hard min / max values?), no matter whether they buff every other Riven and/or weapon and a plethora of enemies to compensate or nerf a few select Rivens, the result is going to be the same: the gap between meta-tier Rivens and the average purple card bro has shrunk. So focus on that. Chances are, in the long run, the reason behind the change will be a distant memory—if it remains a memory at all. The result is what matters and what is constant. Also, if you have a complaint and/or suggestion RE: the state of the game, the Feedback forum is the way to go. 🙂
  6. The one big positive that should be taken away is that the mode excels at giving players control over speed almost perfectly and with just the right amount of difficulty to compensate. The only sticking point is the spawning of the keys. Beyond that, you can go as fast as you like. You can have two or three terminals running at the same time. It's risky to do that, but the control sits entirely in the players's hands. As far as I'm concerned, that's the big thing to be considered for updating existing game modes: Extermination has the player control but generally lacks the risk, while defence and interception missions don't have control much at all and it's a bit of a waiting game at points. (I say that for this mode despite knowing the Thermia event now has a similar 'user controlled difficulty' because I haven't done Thermia fractures in a long while. 😛 ) That said, there are a few suggestions, based on both my observations and a few thoughts on the thread: 1. The enemies that drop keys should probably spawn with the terminals, somewhere in the same tile(s) as the terminals themselves (though the white key could spawn in the room with the blue terminal, just as long as there's a key to a terminal in a tile). This isn't just to make the mode play with more fluidity, since players can then reliably activate all four terminals for maximum speed, but also make it more evident what you're supposed to do. The first time playing, despite knowing about how it works from streams, I wasn't sure where the keys were, even as I'm blitzing through enemies around the console rooms. I was running off to side-rooms to try to find them! 2. The marker for the demolyst should appear further out, but should fade in to emulate the beeping sound, if that's possible. If it just flat out appears further out with no fade-in, it can either A: have insufficient impact or B: make the mode too easy. If the visuals and the audio match, everything's gucci. Not going to say anything on rewards because other people have done that and I think it's a game type that would benefit being spread through the starchart. The idea—terminals and keys and buffs / debuffs and destructor enemies—has nothing that necessarily isolates it to Jupiter, or even the Corpus faction.
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