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  1. This is why I don't buy them, TBQH. I imagine the best solution would be to turn gene-masking kits into their own colour palettes specifically for companions (using the current colours as bases and adjusting tones and shades, kind of like the Shamrock palette). Reduces limitations and allows previewing but doesn't outright obliterate potential revenue or invalidate past purchases.
  2. My opinions on parkouring Operators depends on how Duviri Paradox is handled. I don't think our current Operators would really suit that. The new ones teased there, on the other hand - that could work out. One thing to consider is maybe incentivizing over forcing? For example, make it so that there's double the loot if you use the Operator route, however that might be built. As said, we get forced out of our Warframes often enough.
  3. Setting aside my disagreements with just nerfing stuff...you say the game has evolved, but have a problem with players who want the game to evolve.
  4. If you're wanting to up interactivity, I'd figure making things feed into other things would be more beneficial than "hurry up and wait for a cooldown". Something like having weapon hits generate energy for base abilities, whose uses power ultimate abilities, so you have a decent flow state from one element into the next instead of skipping to the best thing straight away. Make the core gameplay loop a little more involved. We've got difficulty (or "difficulty") in the form of Steel Path but, despite that increase in enemy stats, we're not really more involved than before. Our viable options are just fewer. Dumping on player power is going to have a similar effect. If you have cooldowns, then the ideal Warframe shifts to those that don't rely on spamming (Octavia e.g.). Take out Warframe-healing Operator arcanes and Inaros becomes a bigger go-to. It's a different flavour of the same "no teamwork, no variety, no tactics, no roles" thing.
  5. The only way to make that faster, at least in terms of yeeting phantom swords around, is to remove the delay from attack start to projectile throw. The idea is just to use that delay and say "if the player does not release the input during this delay period, throw the projectile".
  6. Colour me weird: I'd like to see it borrow the Glaive "hold melee to throw" mechanic and do away with jumping / bullet jumping / aerial conditions altogether. In theory, there's enough of a (non-modifiable) delay from attack start to projectile throw for it not to mess up regular attacks.
  7. If I don't feel respected by DE, it's because of things like missing feedback pointing out essential flaws with the new ranged arcanes and galvanized mods. Spending time in the game, especially a game so grind-focused as Warframe, is par for the course. Though it always bothers me when there's a small or non-existent plat bypass for something quite hard on the grind side. If I'm grinding up Liches or Sisters to max out my weapon and I'm not having fun doing it, I'd probably rather pay to, at least, get past the murmur fuss. But I can't. And I don't wholly get why that shortcut doesn't exist. Most people in that kind of "hate it but suffer through it" are more likely to burn out the more extreme it is, so I don't see it helping player retention. And it misses out on a possible revenue enticement. Not to mention the lack of consistency when plat bypasses exist in plenty of other areas... That's just me, though.
  8. It's probably because melee enemies just aren't the most capable. Pretty much any verticality renders them helpless. Their hounds could still be a pain but, c'mon - your Sister getting bested by a metre-high wall? That's pretty lame in its own regard.
  9. It really depends what level and type of engagement is the goal. Warframe has a decent breadth, depending on how one wants to play the game, but the minimum engagement (and, coincidentally or otherwise, the most efficient means of playing) is closer to a point-and-click-style RPG: most of it boils down to the loadout screen and what lies outside of that is just a coat of paint to make it look nice and give the player something to watch. Warframe does, however, have the potential to up its mid-mission engagement closer to an action game, with the loadout feeding into that but not so much dictating the result outright. (Corpus shield gating being bypassed with headshots is one such example) Indeed. Though, to be fair, seldom are things both worth doing and easy. Otherwise someone would've done them by now. Minecraft reduces detection range when invisible, and the Rakta Dark Dagger either did or does a similar thing. Invisibility could borrow from that, reducing detection and targeting ranges so that the player is invisible up to a point, but is detected (and can be fired upon) when sufficiently close to enemies, depending on the ability, Warframe stats, so on and so forth. That's probably the most straightforward baseline for balancing invisibility, with the rest being a matter of numbers. (This is coming from someone who, nowadays, almost exclusively plays invisibility frames, by the way.) But yes, there are multiple moving parts in the web of problems. No doubt about that.
  10. Well, some semblance of balance is required, or else sheer levels of imbalance curtail engagement and intrinsic enjoyment. Just because it needn't be an exact science doesn't mean it should end up yeeted out the window altogether.
  11. While I can't say about using just a secondary to keep up with Steel Path Grineer survival, if you're looking for a single-handed auto secondary that's at least SP-capable, I think the Rattleguts kitgun does decently well, especially if you've got a Riven for it. I have a CC / MS riven on it and it works alright, especially with a touch of punch through. Athodai might be an acceptable substitute, especially sans a Riven, if you're fine with its gimmick. (I don't fancy it too much) Other (non-single-handed auto secondary) options include the Epitaph (single-target bow-like), Pyrana Prime (auto shotgun), and Sporelacer (grenade). Those may also be worth looking into if the dakka-dakka Rattleguts route stops tickling your fancy.
  12. enemy_damage = min((playerEHP * 0.2), scaledDamage) Or whatever factor of the player's end HP. Basically, cap enemy damage to a portion of the player's total health. Alternatively, take DPS-cap tools applied to bosses and rework those for players. Either way, one ends up approaching an identical TTK across all Warframes, with tankier Warframes taking their time to get to that point compared to the weaker ones (so the difference does still matter). That isn't a permanent solution - I think the permanent solution is to do away with enemy scaling altogether and have more meaningful, less programmatic choices in many aspects of Warframe, to the point that RNG is reserved for loot tables - but does provide a stint around which one could start to balance other things to more reasonable levels.
  13. If we're making it even faster: an option to set the amount selected, so one need only set that to "max - 1", then click on each duplicate stack to select all the mods minus one. (Or, equivalently: a "select duplicates" option that just short-hands the above)
  14. I stand technically corrected. That said, that's two options placed on weapons, one a very specific weapon among a hundred plus, whereas tankier roles in Warframe don't have abilities to do what those do. (Even Chroma, who should very much want to get beat over the head with a cast iron skillet, doesn't have an innate aggro draw) That's still minute enough that it isn't, and certainly hasn't been, a design consideration in Warframe. Which was the main point.
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