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  1. Hey Marcus (and everyone else at DE). I think there are two major reasons why backlash against nerfs (such as this one) have been so strong, besides the general "nerfs suck" sentiment. First is a simple mixture of time and communication. Changes to gameplay elements like Marked for Death effectively go from one state to another: there's no warning to players that there is some unintended behaviour behind the scenes that is throwing things askew. Second is an apparent preference toward nerfing rather than buffing. In comparing Helminth abilities to ordinary Warframe powers - take
  2. Make sure you check what the server's MoTD is: you might have landed in the same lobby after changing gear, but everyone else left after that one match. Alternatively, keep exiting and re-entering. The game doesn't seem to dump people into the same server twice, but cycles through. Eventually, you should end up where you started. It might take a little bit to go around the circle, though.
  3. One extra thing to consider that I think the video doesn't mention: If you land in an empty lobby the first go around, back out and retry. Don't wait in the empty lobby until the sun eats the earth. The game seems to cycle through lobbies - or at least shouldn't dump you in the same one twice - and one of the other ones might be populated.
  4. Make sure you're exploding the Glaive manually, I think before it suspends a target. The heavy attack is only the explosion on Glaive weapons. (Orvius may be a touch finnicky with this btw)
  5. I've found similar, and indeed, found that there's a sort of "sweet spot" where enemies are very dangerous. At high ranges, enemies tend to miss quite a lot (though with recoil and spread on most guns, so is the player). At closer ranges, melee becomes viable to mitigate incoming damage entirely. Perhaps coincidentally, that "sweet spot" is about the average engagement range in non-open worlds... I think the current issue isn't strictly that melee is stronger, but that the game still positions melee in a "secondary" position. The game's design is, overall, "shooter". Guns first, swor
  6. Tyreaus


    To add onto this a little bit: Try out a few different things and see what feels right, too. Some people probably feel more at home with semi-auto weapons. Some lean toward autos. I'm a bit partial toward burst weapons. And there are probably lunatics that use nothing but bows and projectiles. Much of it comes down to studying how you naturally posotion and aim - do you tend to trace targets, or lead them? Are you up close and personal, or further away? - and, well, testing lots. Most weapons are closely balanced that the difference in performance isn't the weapon, but how you jive with i
  7. IMO, their reasons for nerfing those things make sense. Roar would step on Rhino's toes quite hard if left as-is, Xoris was almost exclusively a very good stat stick, and Marked for Death was overshadowing most every other Helminth toy. And it's important to remember that just buffing things leads, mathematically, to a nerf: you buff snipers, then buff enemies, and you've basically nerfed explosives. (I say that so often that it's getting rote. "Just buff everything" will never work the way you actually want it to.) The problem is that DE paints themselves into those corners. They didn't
  8. AFAIK they're planning on Eidolons (and, I think, other status-immune enemies) having a similar "proc cap" to Liches, which max out at 4 procs apiece. I don't think that's terribly unreasonable, especially since stacking Heat could also lead to a DPS "explosion" if done in inappropriate excess. As far as I'm concerned, Magnetic and Corrosive need significant touch-ups in the direction of universality anyway. I've always disagreed with their niche proc designs - in my opinion, Viral only gets away with that kind of proc because literally everything has health. Armour, likewise, deserves
  9. While I haven't had the explicit opportunity to test it yet, I think this part of the change is overkill to be dropped with the other changes. This feels like it goes beyond "ripping off the bandaid" to "using duct-tape to wax the hairiest chest known to mankind" - it's not that the change might not be necessary long-term, but that it kicks the ability so hard when it's already down that the teeth spilled over the floor would make any tooth fairy faint in orgasmic bliss. If it were in the next update, or a later hotfix - sometime after the initial dust settled - it'd probably be more palatable
  10. I'm not sure it's so much a balance problem, since most elements seem decently balanced (barring a lack of updates to address over-the-top synergies, bugs, and Telos), as it is a transparency and accessibility issue. More weapons does mean more overhead, but - unless that overhead isn't supplied (and it's not) - that isn't innately a problem. I think there is, however, an innate problem hidden within. You know the whole "what the frak killed me?" sensation? There's a reason that quite a few PvP games, especially on the shooter end, do their best to answer that question. The sensation
  11. Time, probably. If you cut an enemy's level by, say, 25% per proc, you could bring that level 1000 down to level 1 eventually. But if your weapon can take out the enemy in an instant at level 200, it's faster to stop reducing the target's level once they hit 200 and just shoot them. Likewise, if your shiny new weapon can take out that enemy at level 300, that means all the procs between levels 200 and 300 aren't needed, and you're offing them earlier in the process.
  12. Personally, I'd give it a natural anti-scaling mechanic. As in, Void procs literally de-level enemies, reducing health and shields and armour and damage outputs. It doesn't have to be that style of damage buffing explicitly, but with all the wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff tied to the void, taking enemies "back to their weaker selves" kind of fits the theme. It's also the kind of effect you can see happen before your eyes. You can see level indicators on enemies drop instantly. Vanilla damage buffing is nice, but you don't really notice it until after the first bullet lands. And I'd
  13. This is not necessarily the case, because balance isn't limited to only the player and enemies, nor is "power fantasy" necessarily used in a universal context. Consider, for example, defence-styled missions. The player can be powerful beyond belief, able to take out hordes of enemies. That would, in this case, count as a power fantasy. That doesn't help if the player can only be in one location yet has to manage four different defensible points. (That is: the ability to kill everything does not automatically entail the ability to complete a mission) Another example is many of the Kir
  14. Being honest, this seems like a lot of work for something that might have an effect. Operator PvP could be something new to add to Conclave if DE were to just #yolo it and give us a mode with unranked Operator abilities - if even that - and whatever weapons we can scrap together from ordinary Conclave. But part of the reason that's feasible is because it's light-weight: there's some code needed to nullify school bonuses and force Operator spawns in the mode, but - in concept - that's about it. It's straightforward enough to do that one person could probably pump it out in a few days to a week,
  15. While I would certainly not call myself a Loki main, I do feel giving his kit direct damage is a bit misguided in terms of theme. That's more of Ash's domain, whereas elements like armour stripping and damage vulnerability increases make more sense on Loki. He sort of fits like the inverse of Octavia: where she buffs allies (with some CC), he debuffs enemies. That, I feel, is probably the better direction to go for Loki. Casting Decoy on enemies does seem to step on Nyx's toes a bit. That said, the hologram probably should either be invulnerable or have scaling health to be massively dura
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