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Need HELP asap (Only payment option for plat is steam wallet)



Dear Warframe Community

So I recently returned to waframe thanks to the awesome tennoco. Today I logged in and got a 75% plat discount reward so thought 4300 plat for just 53$ DEAL. Now when I click to buy the platinum it's only giving me the option to use my steam wallet (although i'm using the stand alone client) , I have used steam in the past for the tennogen but the issue is the purchas is 53$ and near me there are only 20/50/100 dollar cards so i'd have to buy a 100$ card for a 53$ purchase because steam wont allow me to use my CC. 

I've refreshed / checked in my account information and it still continues to redirect me. I'm growing incredibly frustrated and would hate to lose my first ever 75% discount because of steam issues. 

any help would be appreciated.

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It sucks, but why don't you just get 3 $20 cards?

You can use the leftover money to buy another tennogen skin one day or spend it on a cheap game during a sale.


Otherwise you can try unlinking your steam profile temporarily, but I don't know how that will influence your steam exclusive items.

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