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Visual bug with Yareli


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I haven't tested it with the other frames, but since this is the first time I've noticed this, it may be just Yareli.

1) In the orbiter, park Yareli somewhere, and then switch to Operator.

2) As Operator, approach Yareli. The 3D immersion is fine... until your operator's animation overlays Yareli's.

What's supposed to happen is your character would clip into the visual of Yareli, seeing as you are closer to the camera and all. But that's not what happens. It's like the moment you move your point of view so that the operator obscures Yareli, the warframe becomes a foreground image which imposes itself over the image of the operator. This creates a very Escher-ish moment of visual distortion as Yareli looks normal, at normal distance from the Operator when seen from any other angle. But the moment you shift the camera to put yourself in front of Yareli, she's somehow a 2D static image imposed in front of your character. Very much a head-twister.

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