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Introducing Yami the Enenra Warframe who shrouds the Grenier in darkness and flame


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So my Warframe idea is that Yami is. Warframe based off the Japanese Yoki the Enenra. Risen back from his slumber by the Grenier after they mercilessly burning towns and cities in the name of the Queens 

so my Warframe idea is that this frame will have abilities that’s similar to hydroid and ember. His appearance will look like smoke that flows but keeps his shape but when he sheds his smoke a burnt wooden and coal like form is revealed with sharp coal and wood like talons for feet and hands

passive: in darkness Yami becomes one with the shadows becoming darkness itself and being invisible to enemies as long as he uses silent weapons or weapons with silent modes he will not be seen in shadows. In the shadows Yami gains a 30,40,50% critical chance. in light yami’s starts searing his smoking body making embers float through his body and piping out of him (similar to how embers pop from a flame and on the ground) (in this form he gains a 20,30,40% status chance) these embers will have a guaranteed fire Prok when enemies run through the embers as well as causing blast damage and a 50% blast prok when they initially hit the ground he also does innaate fire damage when struck by melee attacks 

1st ability dying flames fury 

Yami’s smoking body busts with searing anger causing smoke to blind his enemies and deal 500 blast damage to all in a 15 meter radius and a strong knock back. to all in a 20 meter radius they will be blinded by said smoke

2’d ability enveloping smoke

Yami and allies are engulfed in black smoke causing damage reduction as well as making them immune to status for a short time and give a small life steal (equal two a percentage of damage the prok does) for each enemy affected by blast or fire prok 

3rd ability bonfire

Yami reduces his form back to that of his bonfire and Engulfs enemies in flame and darkness the smoke he controlled is not so strong it chokes  ones lungs (gas damage to enemies in a 7 meter radius)he also can move around and use  smoking tentacles to grasp enemies and pull them to him. he also gains a small life steal in this form ( His appearance Will look like a pile of ash and wood and charcoal with busts of flame) he is  slower in this form and his attacks on enemy’s engulfed is a damage over time and he can us his abilities while in this form (but his 4th is limited by only adding a damage boost and taking away his life steal, also while in this form if he uses his forth he can no longer use the snake to grasp enemies and must move to the enemies to engulf them but keeps his normal base movement speed)with added gas’s damage 

4th ability erupting darkness

Yami let’s out a large blast damaging enemies doing (500-1000blast damage)and sheds his black smoke and strengthens his body in hardened ash in this state he is slower but but does more damage ( damage increase of about 200-300)with his abilities and attacks but looses his ability to blind and life steal enemies with this ability 





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