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Erebus the ghoul of darkness he shreds his victim’s body feasts on his kills


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This Warframe will be dark skinned almost like obsidian and has golden metal veins and red eyes with gold claws on its feet and hands and will be able to retract said claws the claws will be disproportionate from wits body and will still stick out about one to two inches after being retracted and 7-9 inches when not retracted

passive- Erebus’ decayed blood causes Corrosive and gas damage and Corrosive and gas procs guaranteed to all that attack him with melee attacks 

1st ability putrid smell

Erebus releases a putrid gas in a 10 meter radius and expellees Corrosive spines in all directions in a 20 meter radius 

2d ability burrow 

Erebus burrows behind an enemy and opens them up to a finisher if done successfully Erebus will consume the enemy giving him healing per second and nearby allies in a 10 meter radius and fear all nearby enemies in a 15 meter radius 

3rd ability lunge and feast

Erebus will Lunch onto an enemy painting them to the ground and feasting on them. Granting him 5 health per second for ten seconds. While feasting he is immune to most damage except knock back and blast. While feasting he will also release a aura that will you allies within a 10meter radius if the enemy is devouring does not die after the 10 seconds they will be inflicted with a corrosive Proc and will fight for Erebus for a short while 

4th ability shred and tear

Erebus will extend out his claws readying for the kill and letting out a howl that will confuse enemies and he will leave a trail of toxin in his path. (his claws on his hands and feet will cause him to run like a beast for the time they are extended and will enhance his other abilities and these exulted claws and feet will do Corrosive damage and will cause Erebus to release enemy seeking maggots from is body that will feast (giving Erebus health per second) on and stun enemies with his powered strike)



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