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Sisters, ledges, Jupiter, Syndicates- this was not thought through


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I've been unable to finish killing a Sister of Parvos twice now because of some very silly and thoughtless mission design. This really needs to be looked at.

Scenario 1: She despawned in the middle of the last 3rd of the fight because... a syndicate wanted to throw some pointless adds at me. This after spending most of the 2nd phase regening health while stuck on a random ledge the player can't reach because it's Jupiter Ambience

Scenario 2: She and her animation sequence to kneel for Parazoning at stage 2 pushed her off the edge of the 'map' and she fell into space, despawning yet again.

That's 2 requiem beacons and a lot of patience lost to bad level design. Jupiter is a problematic loaction for stage 3 with the sisters anyway. It's got a ton of 'holes' in the map- I've had a previous sister be near unkillable because she had the teleport and skips up and down the square staircase bit til I was fuming. Another has skipped merrily through Jupiter's narrow and endless tunnels with that teleport. Jupiter is a really, really bad location for stage three of a fight where the boss has quick regen and teleport abilities even when stuff is working as intended- this is the stage people are most likely to be closing in on having all the requiem mods in the right order and very likely to be the spot they have the longest fight with a sister and it's really just too convoluted in it's level designs for that particular part of the process.

But COME ON... A SISTER despawns MID FIGHT so an angry accountant can send three MOA and a mean note after me?
An ANIMATION SEQUENCE tips her off the edge of the map and that can't be righted? The capture targets that fly on the Jupiter map jump to a ledge or location if they plop into space accidentally, but the Sisters can't?

The sisters are cool and all but this will likely be the last one I take because the sheer aggravation has put me right off. Can you PLEASE at least fix these two issues if not move them completely off of the worst tileset possible on the whole map for a kinda important part of the quest?

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Agreeable, I did a mercy kill on a sister and she fell off a pipe she had run up just on the edge of the mission map, out there where their jetpack guys always try to pick you off, after I stabbed her she fell off and despawned. Yes Jupiter nodes are not agreeable with parvos killing/capturing.

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