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Windows on ARM build


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I know this is a long shot and is not a move that will introduce a lot of new players, but I'd like to make the request anyway.

Windows on ARM has proven itself to be more than capable with the Surface Pro X being a surprising success (and usually sold out) despite critics' opinions. The computer is capable of pushing 2.1 TFLOPs of calculatory power, surpassing the PS4 and Xbox One, and is therefore more than powerful enough to run Warframe. As it stands, I often play it from said tablet using 64 bit emulation. The performance is lacklustre however as 64 bit emulation is a hybrid of hardware and software efforts and takes a large toll on GPU performance, unlike x86-32 emulation which is done on a hardware level and makes little to no notable impact on performance. Currently I can run everything on medium at 1080p with a reasonable 25-40 fps and rare crashing, which I cannot say the same for my desktop or my fiance's which crash far more often despite being monsterously powerful. That being said, a native ARM64 build would make it a much better experience.

Given the large array of platforms Warfram is about to be available on, and that multiple of them are ARM64 architecture, I feel like it's more than likely that all necessary libraries exist for ARM64. While I'm not a developer for DE, I am a developer, and I try to always build for my tablet. So far I haven't had any issues, but I haven't made anything like Warframe and I certainly haven't made my own graphics API like y'all have.

I often make this build request and often get lots of pushback from non-developers who do nothing other than echo critics S#&$ting on a perfectly good computer. Even so, many of the apps I've requested (like Adobe Photoshop and Visual Studio Code) have since been made available thanks to my requests, the surprisingly large amount of support they get (despite the unnecessarily vocal complainers), as well as the devoted time of the developers.

As I said, I know it's unlikely y'all will agree, but I firmly believe ARM will soon replace x86/x64/AMD64 and developing for any platform is critical for the platform's success. Your efforts would be truly supported. RISC and RISC-V are highly capable now.

If nothing else, is it possible to get an x86-32 build so we can have our hardware emulation or is that something that the game can no longer support? I would be surprised if it can still support 32-bit, but it's worth asking.


P.S. To the the people who may aggressively disagree with this request, all I'd ask if for your respect. I know you didn't buy into the platform, but many, many people did and we really love our computers. While some, of course, did not, the rest of us did and we'd truly appreciate support for the platform. I only ask because of the massive amount of vocal, vocal harassment I've gotten with my requests. I'm not trying to be rude, aggressive, or disrespectful, but it has been challenging to buy into a new platform and have to request more support. It wears a person down to be literally harassed by people who have nothing to gain or lose from someone else getting support. I promise we knew what we bought into, but we still want to ask for support. If the answer is 'no', then it's a no. Regardless, the time to consider the request is appreciated.

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Warframe is already on ARM, but only on Nintendo Switch. I can guess this can be as easy as just compile it on Windows ARM 64 bit.

On 2021-08-03 at 6:53 PM, verdammteseele said:

is it possible to get an x86-32 build

A few years ago, 32 bit Windows Warframe was available, but then 32 bit is dropped and went 64 bit only.

I have heard Windows on ARM might soon add x86-64 / AMD64 emulation soon, not entirely sure if this will happen.

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