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PS4 Players dont have enough time to leave group when PS5 player starts a new mission, Stuck Interface can occur


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At the end of a mission, it seems PS5 players finishing loading fast enough that they can start a new mission and pull the PS4 players into it before the PS4 players have an opportunity to leave the party.

This has happened multiple times with different players in random parties.

Usually it is just inconvenient and very annoying, but the most recent occurrence happened after failing a mobile defense murmur mission (lich was having none of it).

Before my mission fail screen finished loading (to the point where I could select my profile icon in top left and leave the pug), my teammate had already started a new mission in another node. This caused some issues as my mission failed screen never went away, nor could I open any menu, but I heard my teammate and enemies spawn in. My character was eventually downed and I had to wait for them to complete the mission. I do not hold it against them, I had asked and they confirmed they have a PS5.

I do not even know if I received any credit or affinity or murmur progress from the second mission.

My specs: PS4 Pro, no SSD

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