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Make a pickable "color" that automatically imitates your equipped Warframe's color of the same slot.


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Trying to coordinate fashion across multiple loadouts has become increasingly difficult and inconsistent as more and more sub-systems are added to the game. You have your frame, your regular weapons, your parazon, your pet, your archwing, your archguns (in several different configurations!), your necramech, your operator, the list goes on and on. Even worse, a few of them aren't even included in the loadout system at all and their fashion has to be manually changed every time.

By contrast, consider the Mimica Shawzin: it just matches your warframe. No matter what you do. It's simple, elegant, and best of all, set-and-forget.

I would cheerfully pay platinum for an applicable "color" that did the same thing, or better yet a palette that gave you a few options like e.g. "imitate Warframe", "imitate emissive color", "invert Warframe", etc.

e: Alternatively, the "copy Warframe colors" button in the fashion loadout could be a toggle rather than (or in addition to) a one-time button.

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The biggest issues I have are that Heavy Weapon slot ONLY uses your archgun's A loadout appearance and nothing else and your pet requires collecting its own set of colors or alternatively getting super lucky with genetics, And then there's the issue of some frames having abilities that for some reason completely ignore or misuse the colors applied to them. (Nidus's 2 and interactions with his 3, Gara's 4, regular Rhino's 2 and 3, etc. A bit more info on these 3 in particular in the spoiler)


Nidus's 2 (Larva) ignores his colors entirely and uses the default faded purple, while his 3 (Parasitic Link) ignores his colors in certain instances where it'll add red blotches over Nidus and when using his 1 (Virulence) it'll create a red boil on the ground for a split moment in front of the Link receiver.

Gara's 4 (Mass Vitrify) incorrectly applies certain colors. Noticed with red, her Mass Vitrify glass wall is dark orange instead of any shade of red.

Non-primed Rhino's 2 (Iron Skin) completely ignores all colors and instead coats him with greyish brown gunk that looks more appropriately like sewage thank anything else, while Roar seems to always apply a yellow outline aura, but that could be due to my Rhino having 0 formas and therefore no access to 2nd Energy color)

I think there should be an entire palette that just has colors for what you have equipped on it's default colors. So you could, for example, use Nezha Deluxe's main body color (which can only be closely replicated using Classic palette), etc etc

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