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Vitus Emblem Particles Bugged (Only Reappear on Replacing the Decoration)


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       While I was trying to troubleshoot a reoccurring crashing problem with warframe, I discovered that the Vitus Emblem particles seem to be bugged in regards to the GPU particle settings.  I had set my preset to low settings which obviously would remove the particles from the emblem, but upon reverting to high settings the emblem still didn't have any particles.  I shut down Warframe and relaunched it to no avail.  I even restarted my whole system to ensure that there wasn't anything weird going on, but that didn't resolve it either.  It wasn't until I removed the decoration and replaced it on high settings when I finally got the particles back.

       It almost seems as if the Emblem is storing the GPU information in regards to what setting the Particle Effects were in while it was placed down and doesn't update that information when moving back from low settings (requiring the decoration to be deleted and replaced).  Regardless of the mechanics behind it, it's obviously bugged and kinda annoying that you have to replace the decoration every time after you mess around with the particle settings.

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