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Cannot take Mastery Rank Test using Garuda's Talons - Empty Melee Weapon Slot not allowed


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To use Garuda's Talons on a Garuda warframe, players must have an empty slot where a Melee weapon would normally go.  Doing so enables use of the Talons.  This is fundamental functionality provided by the warframe.

Attempting to take a Mastery Rank test using Garuda's Talons results in the error message "You must equip a weapon of each type to start a rank up test!"  The Mastery Rank test system will not let you take the test because there is an empty Melee weapon slot on your warframe.

But there HAS TO BE an empty Melee weapon slot on the Garuda warframe to be able to use the Talons.

I consider this to be a bug in the Mastery Rank Test system.  Because Garuda's Talons are a fundamental function of the Garuda warframe the Mastery Rank Test system should recognize that when Garuda is the warframe being used then an empty Melee weapon slot is allowable for the test.

DE, please fix this bug.

Thank you in advance.

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