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client bug: Balefire Surge Hildryn augment regularly does not trigger when directly hitting an enemy with a fully charged shot from the Balefire Charger


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sometimes it will trigger correctly but more often than not it will not trigger at all when directly hitting an enemy. i am not sure if this same issue also affects the nullifier bubble popping half of the augment. i believe this mayyyyyy be due to the very slight desynch between a client and the host due to ping, with the balefire charger projectiles triggering client side but without hitting the enemy on the host end. if this is the case, adding a very small aoe detection radius would negate most, if not all, of these false negatives due to the projectile having a flight time. alternatively, leave the hit detection for this mod up to the player's end rather than the host's when the player is a client.

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