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The lich won't die even with the right runes


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After farming murmur for at least 75 minutes (it could be more or it could be less ,big numbers make my head hurt)  and finally getting what was meant to be the final execution on that slimy

son of a lich,I noticed something strange.

Instead of going to the great cloning machine in the sky he remained still, mockingly looking at me and my squad-mates while he stood there menacingly for at least ehh... like... well that isn't important.

What's important is that the second time, out of  sheer desperation I used a Kuva Ultimatum, hoping that this incident whould only occur once.

Anyway as you can probably tell by me being here that didn't exactly go as planned.

So my question is: will he eventually die for real if I keep trying or will I be forever engaged in this soul devouring session of @#&$ and ball torture?

Ayway here's a photo of my favourite death cheating lich generated today by me.

I couldn't sharethe pic I took of him, looks like you'll have to imagine the guy, let your imaginations run wild.

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