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Hide Your Tears (lore song)


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" Hide Your Tears "
(to the tune of " No More Tears " by Ozzy Osbourne)

The sun on the tower shows the dread in your lives
A stairway of horror to the red in your minds
An ocean of fear to know she'll never be coming home
The man in the robes will turn your heart into stone

Your mother taught you that you're not supposed to dance with devils
Look at your hands, tell me, do you see them start to tremble, yeah?

Hide your tears (x4)

Another life taken as their will fades away
The crimson slips in to hold the madness at bay

I see the guard around the corner waiting, will he listen?
I take a breath then look to see a pool of fresh blood glisten here

Hide your tears (x4)

"It's now the end of our time,
Building towers in reverse.
Though they will laugh last,
We will all cry later."

Before this is over, can I have your embrace?
I cannot move on to face the blackness of space
A lingering kiss of death for all of the nights
When you weren't so cold and kept my spirits alive

I never wanted it to come to this, my star, my child
Believe me as I sing, so far away, you make me smile here

Hide your tears (x4)

"We will all cry later...
...all cry later...all cry later..."

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