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[Frame Idea] Are you ready to rock, Tenno?


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Note: Concept art will be added at a later time, since I currently only have so much time before I have to go to work, but I'll try to describe the idea in my head for both your convenience and my own.

The lights shut off. Through the cacophony of screams and confusion, a single light flicks on. Under its spotlight, a lone frame... Their show is about to begin, so lets rock this ship to the Void and back!

Name: K9 (Working name, not sure on it)

Theme: Punk, music, animalistic, status master

Gender: Non-binary

Lotus Description: The heart of rebellion reborn, seeking to shake up the solar system through song and suffering. Are you ready to party, Tenno? K9 will amp up the fight in ways never seen before.

(Will probably make lots of changes to this) Lore exerpt idea: Part of an ancient resistance against Orokin supremacy, K9 is a fallen "warrior" who tilts the battlefield in their favor by manipulating the elements in a way never seen before.

Passive - WIP

Special System - Rebellion Gauge

By taking advantage of an enemy's weakness in battle, K9 starts to fill a gauge shown above the Ability portion of the UI. Once filled, they can activate a secondary version of their abilities with special effects. Filled through Siren Song & Encore special effects.

1 - Siren Song [Strength, Range]

Cone-shaped AoE  that deals multiple instances of Puncture damage. For every different status effect on the enemy, the damage amps up further and further. Hitting enemies who are already affected by status effects charge K9's Rebellion Gauge.

1 Rebellion - Dance For Me! [Strength, Duration, Range]

A caster-centered AoE bubble that weaponizes status effects. Consumes half of the max Rebellion Gauge each cast. Status effect effects:


Slash stacks are instantly completed (all damage dealt instantly) and are purged.

Impact & Puncture stacks are partially converted into Slash stacks after DFM!'s effect ends.

Heat stacks "reignite", causing the initial stun and extending their duration.

Cold stacks rapidly freeze and unfreeze enemies for each Cold stack, dealing Impact damage every time. Cold stacks are consumed when used.

Electric stacks spread electricity to nearby enemies, similar to Volt's 4, and deal rapid damage ticks per stack.

Toxin stacks half their duration halved but their effects doubled.

Gas stacks spread any present Slash, Puncture, and Impact stacks on the afflicted target(s) get spread to other enemies at a rate of 0.3 Slash and 0.35 Puncture and Impact stacks per 1 Gas stack.

Corrosive stacks weaponize the afflicted's stripped armor to deal damage. (So for 1 stack, 26% of the afflicted's total armor is converted to damage and at 10 stacks 80% of the armor is converted to damage)

Magnetic stacks wipe out enemy shields and deals damage equal to the amount of shields stripped. Each stack increases the base damage before Shield strip bonus. (ie. 1 stack 500 base + shield health, 10 times 5,000 + shield health)

Radiation stacks cause enemy heads to grow in size while increasing headshot damage dealt to the target based on stacks. (Size growth similar to Nukor's Microwave effect, each stack increases headshot damage by 5% for a max of 50% extra headshot damage)

Viral stacks have their duration refreshed.

Blast stacks create a vortex effect that has higher range based on stacks. (For example 5 meters at 1 stack, 50 meters at 10)

2 - Harmony [Duration, Range]

 Increases allies in range's ability to inflict statuses for a duration. Entering Rebellion state does not end the effect's duration, but prevents recasting until Rebellion state is ended somehow.

2 Rebellion - Discord [Strength, Duration, Range]

Purge the negative statuses of all allies in range and increase allies' critical rate and damage against enemies with statuses. For every status purged from allies, the stronger the critical chance buff. For every status type an enemy has, the stronger the critical damage buff. Both have a flat increase if no statuses get purged or if the enemy has no statuses. Consumes 3/4ths of the max Rebellion Gauge each cast.

3 - Rebellion [Duration, Range]

Switches to the Rebellion style skills. Requires at least 75% Rebellion Gauge to use. While in effect, allies will slowly recover a static amount of HP. (5/10/15 HP per tick) When attacking an enemy, status effects have a chance to apply twice their usual amount of stacks. Every time the stack count is doubled, 5% of the current Rebellion Gauge is consumed, with a maximum of 20 doubled stacks before emptying completely.

4 - Showtime [Exalted Weapon, Strength, Duration]

Using K9's favorite microphone, beat your enemies senseless! Exalted weapon. Regular attacks send out shockwaves that deal Slash damage, heavy attacks consume all status stacks on the enemy hit to amplify the damage dealt. (Status from other enemies will not increase the damage to that enemy, each enemy's damage from status is calculated separately. Damage boost only counts up to 5 stacks of each status, but still consumes all stacks.)

4 Rebellion - Encore [Exalted Weapon, Strength, Duration]

K9's microphone breaks into two, forming a sword and shield. Consumes the entire current Rebellion Gauge. When attacking enemies with a status effect, that status effect is spread at (10/30/50)% efficiency. Regular attacks get increased attack speed for every critical hit dealt. (Maximum of 5 stacks, with a hard cap of 75% attack speed buff. Any procs after hitting max stacks refresh the duration.) Heavy attacks increase the Rebellion Gauge by 0.25% for every status type present on each enemy hit. Duration of Encore depends on consumed Rebellion Gauge, and once that duration is finished it starts to rapidly consume energy until emptied. Once Encore ends, it's placed on a cooldown timer before being usable again. (Cooldown does not apply to Showtime)

Exalted Weapons:

[Undecided Name] Showtime - Polearm, inherent stance favors vertical smashes and horizontal swipes in a + shape. Deals primarily Impact damage, but to a lesser extent Slash and Puncture.

[Undecided Name] Encore - Sword & Shield, inherent stance is similar to Final Harbinger, except throws out the microphone head instead. Deals primarily Slash damage, but to a lesser extent Puncture and Impact. Mic toss deals a guaranteed Puncture proc.


Default K9 - Standard issue helmet of the K9 Warframe. Has long flowing "hair" made of metal with cloth physics. Can be sort of described as a slicked-back spikey mullet.

Kubrowkin K9 - An alternate helmet for the K9 Warframe. The hair is now in a "ponytail" style, with animalistic features added to the face of the frame. (Kubrow-like ears and snout)

Auxillary Attachements:

Inner Beast - A curious attachment for the K9 frame, in the style of what looks to be a tail. Has cloth physics.

True Metal - A spiked choker for all your partying needs. Main collar uses leather materials, spikes and clasp use metal materials.

Mod effects:

Strength: Siren Song damage and amount of attacks, Dance For Me! damage, Discord base critical rate and damage buff strength, Showtime damage multiplier, Encore damage multiplier.

Duration: Dance For Me! speed (faster at higher duration, slower at lower duration), Harmony duration, Discord buff durations, Rebellion HP tick frequency, Showtime duration and energy consumption over time modifier, Encore Rebellion Gauge duration boost modifier. (Encore will get longer duration from having higher gauge when cast more efficiently, does not affect energy drain when the duration expires)

Range: Siren Song range, Dance For Me! range, Harmony range, Discord range, Rebellion effect ranges.

All I have for now on my current time limit, I'll come back to this later. 👌

You're all also more than welcome to give any feedback, ideas, or even concepts of your own for how the frame looks. I'm interested!

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5 hours ago, (PSN)Jacobivan said:

Cool idea, seems to be rockstar warrior Octavia failed to be. Although, Rebellion gauge costs seem much to high. When you use 3 and 4, you only have enough Juice to use one other skill once. Or did i read something wrong? 

I made the costs for the gauge kind of high to offset how powerful they are. DFM itself is basically an AoE nuke, especially since it auto-completes every slash stack, though it can always be tweaked some if need be. My idea of the core gameplay is like.

Siren Song is your main charge tool that also amps with statuses, Dance For Me! is your main damage skill since it has ridiculous damage and spread potential, Harmony is for helping make your own abilities more likely to be stronger by giving everyone a status chance buff, Discord being a critical buff for damage, Rebellion being a heal and another status support (which stacks with Harmony), Showtime being a more standard Exalted weapon except with a potentially stupidly overpowered Heavy, and Encore being another tool for gaining RG and spreading statuses.

I actually originally made the costs less than they are listed now, but I raised the costs after I realized DFM alone would probably instakill many things even at high levels.

My idea of the typical rotation is Harmony → Siren Song for damage/charge → Rebellion  → Discord → Dance For Me! for damage and status superiority → Encore to help put statuses back everywhere and get back some extra RG before recycling from step 1.

If RG costs feel like they should be lower, I'm open for ideas. (Also open for changes to 4/4R since they were a bit more last minute ideas and I'm not sure how well they fit with the kit beyond having status effect empowering of some form)

And to futher explain Harmony + Rebellion stacking - Harmony makes it easier for everyone (including K9) to inflict status effects from all sources, while Discord gives every instance of a status proc a chance to apply twice. So if you have a weapon with a 150% status chance, there's a chance for 2-3 stacks being applied instead of the otherwise 1-2.

Also, activating Rebellion itself does not cost gauge. It has a minimum to cast, but Rebellion itself has no cost. Its cost comes from whenever it SUCCESSFULLY doubles stack procs. So if the entire time Rebellion is active no stacks get doubled, it doesn't cost any RG charge.

So abilities that increase RG: Siren Song, Encore

Abilities that decrease RG: Dance For Me!, Discord, Rebellion's double status successes, and Encore.

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 Art, space artist

Passive ability: has the ability to create sketches using a certain special device (tablet) in the type of Octavia Mendacor, and use them in his skills, when creating an item on a mission spends 0.5 energy for each fragment of the sketch



Uses 1 sketch of several sketches in advance to choose from, when holding down the skill button, uses the tablet and creates sketches.

Skill 2:

Closed Show:

Creates armor on allies, increasing their damage resistance, as well as shield strength, the amount of health

Skill 3:

Copy and redraw:

Copies the projectiles of all weapons of the ally, increasing their number by 2, 3 or 4 times, depending on the level of the ability, or redraws the projectiles, directing them at their opponents

Skill 4:


Creates a landscape of the surrounding area, stopping all projectiles and opponents and opening opponents for finishing off, while squeezing, attracting all opponents to him to facilitate mass finishing



I apologize if I sent it in the wrong place

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