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WTB !!!FULLY!!! masked !!!MALE!!! Lich 1K PL

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Hello, everyone. I'm currently searching for a specific type of lich. You may ask why i'm doing this bs. It's purely because is fun and liches with mask are cool.


Look at this buddy <3

**************************************** BASE PRICE 200 *********************************************************************************************************************

  1. It needs to be completely masked. That means NO expose skin on the face.
  2. It needs to be a MALE lich.


After that, here's some points that needs to follow.

  • Shoulder decoration NEEDS to have: ONLY [Revenant Vania Helmet] (Means that you need to use revenant with that helmet when stabing kuva larving)


  • With ephemera will add on to final price.
  • If it haves shrimp tail will add on to final price.


  • Symmetrical arms and legs will add on to final price.
  • No chubby belly or beer belly
  • If it wasn't clear with the tittle, NO FEMALE LICH OR EXPOSE FACES.


For lich weapons here are the priority. (PL price is for 55% - 60% damage, if less PL will decrease)

  1. Kuva Ayanga +200PL
  2. Kuva Shieldeg +100PL
  3. Kuva Grattler +100PL
  4. Kuva Ogris +50PL
  5. Kuva Nukor +50PL
  6. Kuva Hek +25PL
  7. Kuva Zarr +25PL

********************************************************************I DON'T NEED OTHER WEAPONS****************************************************************************

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~GL AND HAVE FUN OUT THERE TENNO!!! :) BEST OF LUCK IN YOUR HUNT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


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14 hours ago, Red_Tiger8 said:

@KnightOfArcus @Hazch @Annemia

Got a new one, has wrong mask but it's still a full mask and has the right decor + ephemera. I'm gonna link him here just in case any of you might be interested.


There's some expose skinin between the cracks of the mask and helmet. Even if it was fully masked, the combination isn't the right one for what im looking for. Sorry, but you might be better selling the lich for the ephemera. Might get you around 100 pl for the ephemera. And GL next try :) .

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