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Disconnects from the lobby 10-15 seconds after joining a squad (out of mission)


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Hello! After the April update "Call of Tempestaria", I was faced with the fact that I was thrown out of the squad almost immediately after entering it. Despite the fact that it does not disconnect from the missions, and active missions can be easily entered. As soon as the mission ends, after 5 seconds I fall away from the squad. Since April, I have not normally started any mission with other players.

I have seen similar posts on this forum, but have not seen any solution to this problem.

Didn't help:
Complete reinstallation of the game and its configs,
Disable IPv6,
Changing the region of the game (From Eastern Europe. All regions are checked)
Port change (all checked too)

Please help.

example - 


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Me and a friend have also been experiencing this issue on an absolute daily basis for a number of updates now, though lately for us, the issue seems to clear up after we've done a single mission together, we just have to rush through mission selection. Though it happens again if we need to reform the squad.

If it helps any, me and my friend are in different regions (NA and S. Korea)

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