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Odd Interactions With Yareli and Ice Bubbles


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I've noticed 2 odd interactions between Yareli and ice bubbles. The first is for Frost's Snow Globe. Merulina is able to ride around on the top of the Snow Globe like it was a floor. I have not tested this with Arctic Eximus ice bubbles.

The second interaction is with Yareli's Rip Tide and Arctic Eximus ice bubbles. Rip Tide will cast on the surface of the bubble if you try to cast it inside the bubble or to a surface behind it. I have not tried this on Frost's Snow Globe.

Thanks for looking into this!

**EDIT: Oops, this was supposed to be under the PC Bugs section."

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Further update: I'm not sure what the ability is called, but the spherical shield that pops up when res'ing a pet also has this same interaction. Merulina is also able to ride around on top of it. I was about to join in on res'ing a downed pet when this shield lifted me off the ground and out of range when I was playing Yareli. 

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