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Black screen when loading in


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hace 12 horas, (PSN)AbyssalGladious dijo:

i opened my game every thing was fine until i got to my ship then every became black and glitchy i can barely see any thing but the chat system please fix i tried restarting my console deleting and redownloading and i won't be able to do the new event until this is fixed

 im not the only one affected by this bug either


hace 5 horas, (PSN)Iimeira_ dijo:

The same thing here, uninstalled my game but the black screen bug remains 

Read my last message yall

hace 5 horas, (PSN)WhistlingHunter dijo:

Hey by any chance is this the bug you guys are talking about?17bc80d2968-e1bd4a5f88f6ad73898165b088fe17bc80d14c7-e1bd4a5f88f6ad73898165b088fe


hace 4 horas, (PSN)Iimeira_ dijo:

Yea except when i access navigation the rest is like this


hace 2 minutos, (PSN)JYRAKEGUT-HONOR dijo:

Hi guys i was having this same problem but when i change the resolution scale to maximum on in game configuration the game comes back to normal. Just check that thing and once you change it that should fix the problem idk why this happens but trust me it works.

Read my last message yall

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