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Excavation: Drills (health/power/progress) not showing up in UI


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After the first couple of rounds of a void fissure on Kiliken on Venus the UI for the drills disappeared. I didn't know drill health, power level, progress, etc. After the bug first appeared one drill did have functioning UI but the other 8 or so did not.

This is the second match in a row on Kiliken where this happened but the first time the UI disappeared only temporarily. The mission starts normally but bugs out after the first couple drills are completed. Don't know if this is unique to Kiliken or unique to void fissures. I was client in a random squad of 4. This happened today so the bug is current.

This greatly impacted gameplay because we didn't want to finish a stage before reaching 10 reactant; I had to wait for my teammates to activate/power the drills.

In attached image there are two functioning drills (A and F) but on the left side of the screen there is no information for them.


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