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Descent to the Heart: Esophage bug


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I am experiencing a game breaking bug that prevents me from continuing with the quest "Descent to the Heart." This bug has already been reported HERE, and was not actually fixed. The fix given in the post does not work for me, either. Basically, when I attempt to use the esophage near the heart to return to the Necrolisk, the quest bugs out and continues to point me to the esophage, even after using the esophage to go to the Necrolisk. The quest's objective says to return to the Necrolisk, but even if I manually walk there myself without using the esophage, it counts as a mission failure.

Please help, as I cannot progress with this quest because of this bug.

Please also let me know if there are any additional details I can provide.



EDIT: I seem to have discovered the reason why this mission cannot be completed, and it is because I used my K-Drive to escape after the Heart was destroyed. Perhaps it should be disabled before entering the cutscene, so that this bug doesn't occur?

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Here it is over a year later and... the esophagus still puts you right back where you entered down in the depths, not back on the surface. And after spending an awful lot of time finding my way back on foot, climbing, etc. when I entered the Necrolisk I got a mission fail. The esophagus is still bugged, it does not return you to the surface, at least not reliably. Also, like SlimeHudson reported before me, I used my k-drive. Please address this bug. It is a show stopper, can't complete the sequence with it there. 

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