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Blast Status Rework: Thermal Dissipate: Spawns Energy Mote restoring 5 energy with 1.5s delay on each enemy


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Emergence Dissipate was recently changed to have a 1.5s delay, but the real question is why do we have so many band-aids to fix something so integral to the core game as Warframe Energy? Viral is the dominant damage type players use and it "buffs damage", but there are plenty of things players value just as much as "buffing damage" or more so. Madurai "buffs damage", but Zenurik is by far the more dominant Focus School. 


The status effect of Blast damage is Thermal Dissipate. The afflicted enemy has accuracy reduced by 30% for 6 seconds and spawns an energy mote that restores 5 energy. There is a 1.5 second delay between spawns for each enemy. Subsequent stacks adds 5% inaccuracy and 5% chance to spawn additional energy mote on Blast Status up to 75% and 45% respectively. 

As it stands, Blast is arguably the worst damage type in the game and serves no purpose. It is weaker than its components Heat and Cold. Heat strips armor and is even more attractive with the newly released Cascadia Flare on secondaries. Cold is a component of Viral, the dominant damage type. Blast is also not a progenitor element that Lich weapons can have and thus has to be deliberately modded for on most weapons. Thus, it's the perfect candidate to be reworked into a energy restorer. 

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