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Hammers and Heavy Swords have Elemental VFX in the wrong place


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I've been using a few Heavy Melee weapons lately, and I've noticed that all but one thing* I've used have had the Elemental VFX not attached to the weapon properly.
Scindo (with or without Manticore skin, bug still there), Synoid Heliocor, Gram Prime have all had the elemental VFX just floating in the air, somewhere out past the end of the weapon.


*Exception: Only thing I've seen so far that doesn't have this bug is a Zaw - a Dokrahm heavy blade which had the elemental VFX actually attached on the blade part, like it's supposed to. To be fair, this Zaw was longer ago than my other heavy weapons, so it might be that this bug is very recent.

Nintendo Switch, update/version current as of posting this: Aug 5, 2022

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