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Clan Dojo Instance Issue


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Every time I load into my own clan's dojo (The Paradox Initiative) I have consistently been unable to find a single person both physically and through the trade console today. This repeated three times. I have successfully traded with each of these three through both alliance clan dojos, and Maroo's, e.g. 2FA is not the issue. A fellow clan member of Initiative also loaded into Initiative dojo and was similarly unable to either see me physically or through the trade console. While in Initiative dojo I was able to access the dojo chat and see the names of other members currently in the dojo.


This persisted across two restarts of Warframe, first after the /relaunch command and second I paused in the launcher to verify the download cache before launching the game. The recreation rate is 100% and has not let up at any point.

I am not a prolific trader and cannot nail down when this began, the last date I can verify I used warframe.market is July 31st. Since then I believe I traded a riven to a clanmember 2 weeks ago? But any hotfix during that time could have caused it.


The Initiative dojo is rather expansive, I am concerned a loading issue occurred in regards to the sheer volume of rooms and decorations but I am not a developer, much less have any professional expertise in software.

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