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Project Gilgamesh (Warframe Design) [WIP]


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Heres a warframe concept design I came up with. Id like to work on actual numbers and stuff for the abilities to make it professional like and all that good stuff ao if anyone has any ideas (expecially with names or numbers) id love to hear them.


Ability 1: Adaptation

As a master of arms and a combat specialist, Gilgamesh gets a rotating buff that boosts either his Primary, Secondary or Melee expertise

Primary: Scaling buff of 20% damage and 10% Fire Rate every 10s, kills with primary will delay the expiration of this buff.

Secondary: For every kill gain 1 stack [Trance] which gives .05 Multishot and .5% Ammo Efficency. Getting 100 stacks within a single cast makes this buff last until you stow your secondary. 

Melee: While your combo meter increases, your attack speed and movement speed increases. Reaching max combo meter gives you a damaging slash aura of 50% of your melee weapon damage.


Ability 2: Glorious Maneuver

Gilgamesh charges forward with blazing speed, pushing enemies out of his path and disarming them. At the mid point of his charge he relases an explosive blast behind him. should he cancel his dash early, he will be instead launched into the air. Press when airborne to slam down with the force of an explosion.


Ability 3: Heatguard (Subsume)

Releasing his heatsinks, Gilgamesh creates a fiery overshield that decays overtime. Allies next to him gain a portion of his overshield that decays at a slower rate. While his overshield is active, Gilgamesh gains a fixed rate of Health and Energy. But expends more energy for his abilities.

Ability 4 Bombardment:

Gilgamesh unleashes BB-L10N, shoulder mounted artillery missile launcher that releases a hellstorm of missiles. While in this mode, Gilgamesh is rendered immobile (in the air he is given thrusters to allow for sustained usage of this ability) and his movement control guides the range of his missles up to affinity range. Sustained usage of this ability drains his energy faster and once the ability is casted, it goes into a cooldown of 30s.

Passive: every 10 attacks release a radial wave equal to 30% of the damage done on the last hit. (Cooldown 5s)

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