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Name Casing Inconsistencies that were fixed in previous Updates have returned.


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Hello Tenno,

If you had followed the https://www.warframe.com/updates regularly, you should known that there were a Casing (Capitals versus ALL CAPS) update that happened. In the past it was All Caps, later got changed to Capitalization but it had inconsistencies where some parts of the UI was still showing All Caps so next several updates ensured that no more mix casing for one interface between different items. This current bug doesn't concern normal items but Gilded (renamed via leveling) items.

I always named my companions, weapons and others in All Caps because before it all begun, that was the normal way to do it. Then the first inconsistency update happened and my companions were showing All Caps near Capitalized name normal items which really looked ugly and annoying. After reports, Digital Extremes fixed this as even if you rename your items in All Caps, it was shown in Capitalized names where it's needed to be shown that way so consistency was established like it was All Caps in Arsenal UI but Capitalized in Loadout UI.

Yesterday I noticed that the inconsistencies returned once again and I don't know which minor update is the cause or maybe it was there but I just noticed it with Zaws. This is the Arsenal view of a Zaw name in All Caps and due consistency changes it is also showing in All Caps;


But if you go into Loadout Screen, then you'll see that name with the returned inconsistency;


Because after the fix on casings, Loadout Screen was also showing "Balla-163 Zaw" in Capitalization instead of All Caps shown in the image proving the existence of bug. And this shows how it should be looking;


Which is the view that you get when you go Top-Left of your Screen to hover over your Glyph to see those names. So naming conventions work for Arsenal view, works for Glyph view but broken for Loadout view as all above 3 images shown. There is also another minor name change bug if you pay attention to the 2nd and 3rd image. I don't put fancy names to companions and weapons but direct names of what they're because I can be forgetful. So my Chesa Kubrow is named Chesa-M Kubrow showing both his Type and Gender (Male) and this is shown correctly in Glyph View with name I given to it but again broken on Loadout view as it only shows the Type of the companion, not the name I given to him. I have one special named Smeeta as it was my first Kavat and same error is there; Glyph shows the special name, Loadout shows the type of the Kavat instead of name.

I know these are nothing big but since these were considered important so to be fixed in the past, I'm reporting here so that it can return back to what it was hopefully and eager to see what future bug fix updates will bring.

Thanks for your time for reading this.

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To add to this another impact that the inconsistent casing has caused is that it messed up the sorting on the profile page. Any item or warframe that you own is displayed in all caps and any you don't own is displayed using lowercase letters. This interferes with the sorting on the profile page because capitals have a lower ascii value than lower case letters so instead of "Gara" coming before "GARA PRIME" it's behind "GYRE" because the lower-case "a" is higher than the capital "Y".


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