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In Dojo Dry Dock sentinel stays with configure console, does not follow player.


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This seems to be new, within the past week. I last beat a lich last week, and this didn't happen. Now, after having beaten a lich and gone back to dry dock and exited railjack as normal, and interacting with the console that lets us configure the railjack, my Sentinel decided to stay where it was when I interacted with the console, and to never leave that spot until I transitioned back to the orbiter. It would not teleport with me via fast travel or the clan's teleport elevator. I initially figured it might be a once-off bug, but was able to replicate it repeatedly by simply going to the dry dock from orbiter and interacting with the console. So, it may not be tied to the lich system or any mission. It seems to be some hangup with the dry dock/that console that may not be telling the Sentinel that I have stopped interacting with the console. Pic included, to show that I've moved a fair distance from the railjack and the sentinel is off in the distance.


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