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Relic defence late radiate glich


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ok, this one is on me and probably a case of "don't do stupid" on my part.
I selected an un-radiated relic for the next 5 waves (16-20) and while the count down was continuing I tried to radiate the relic. I selected the radiate button but was not able to hit the confirm this relic for the mission button before the mission restarted. When the mission restarted I got a "Please Wait" indicator on the screen and was unable to interact at all. Couldn't move, fire, cast abilities, chat, not even access the menu, but I was taking damage (Rhino with a massive Iron Skin). I waited out the 5 waves and even in the next abort/continue screen I could not make a choice. Everyone else left but default selected continue for me and I still hd "Please Wait" so I had to ALT-F4.
Like I said, totally on me, but It thought you would like to know.
I will try to attach a pair of videos I recorded during this mission.



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