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Quick Resume, Mouse/Keyboard and Activity Status for Xbox


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Quick Resume
With Warframe releasing on Next Gen consoles we saw a lot of improvements, though it doesn't particularly hinder gameplay, it is quite annoying for someone who plays daily. Series Consoles introduced a new feature called Quick Resume, which allows a Video Game to save states for quick swapping between games. However this feature does not work with always online titles, Warframe is one of these titles that it doesn't work for. 

When you initially login on an Xbox One console, you press A on the update screen and then you can login and play. But for Series Consoles after pressing A on the update screen and then pressing login, a few seconds later the game will display Login Failed and then reload back to the login screen. This happens every time you start the game up and is related to the Quick Resume that cannot be turned off through the System but has to be disabled by Developers.

Mouse and Keyboard Support
On November 14th 2018, Warframe supported Xbox Consoles with Keyboard and Mouse functionality. It works amazingly compared to most games that somewhat include this, but one issue I've personally always had with it is I prefer to play with just Keyboard and Mouse. Currently I can navigate the Console with my Keyboard and Mouse and also start the game, but I required my Controller to press A on the update screen and to also login before I can use my Keyboard and Mouse.

It would be great if this could possibly be changed so that the Keyboard and Mouse can navigate all of the menus and not just those in-game as at times as a Keyboard and Mouse user, if a Controller is dead or dying you're unable to play despite not playing with a Controller.

Xbox Activity Status
This to me isn't as important as the two above and more of a Quality of Life suggestion, but Xbox has a similar system to Discord Rich Presence. If you go to a Players Profile you can see their current Game and Activity, currently Warframe will display as "Warframe - STATUS" with STATUS being either In Lobby or In Mission. Would it be possible to make this more informative? Possibly display what you're doing or the location in general, such as "Warframe - Plains of Eidolon (Earth)", as there are times you want to check on a friend but instead have to navigate multiple more menus to view what they're actually doing.

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