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Nirvana - The Crystalline Terror Frame


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This is Nirvana, one, yet all at the same time, Nirvana converts matter into crystalized structures before absorbing and assimilating them, body, mind, and soul. 



Experiments with converting single subjects into new warframes were going successfully, and so an early conception that of course came is to increase the power of a singular frame by potentially converting multiple subjects at once. At first, it was working, but it quickly became a horror, acting with no restraint and the baser instincts of an infested because of the multiple minds driving this newly created entity mad continuing to devour and integrate anyone around with no end, unable to be stopped as it would simply create a new undamaged form. With no other option, the researchers still alive turned to glassing, hoping to seal this horrifying creation of theirs. Even glassing did not fully stop the creature, however, it did restrain it enough, just enough for transference. The glassing acted as a means of calming the multiple minds within, while also increasing its abilities to assimilate new minds and recreate its form, and so it was put to use, a horror turned into a calm luxurious beauty hiding a terrible fate for those who cross it.

Name - Nirvana, in Hindu tradition, is a merging of your being with the cosmic universe, a concept that is supposed to be wonderous. However, this frame is themed to be named and appear in contrast to the true reality of individual existences being merged into a new whole losing themselves to the controlled madness.

Theme - A crystal based undead lich (an undead being that consumes the life essence of others to sustain itself, sometimes a commander of undead legions) 

Appearance - Not really an artist so I'll do my best to describe it. The appearance would be more masculine, at a base the model would be more along the lines of a thinner skeletal frame with jagged sharp edges that are semi-transparent and shine in the light. As more crystals are added building around the arms, legs, shoulders, and lower chest to progressively bulk up until the model becomes a broader version of the original, but still pristine. Basically going from a more elegant figure to something like a statue of a Greek god. 



If this was not guessed by the appearance description the passive is the ability to collect crystals from enemies that have been crystalized to build upon Nirvana's own body. This is similar to Atlas' passive except it is a smaller but semi-permanent buff to both health and armour. The collected crystals can be spent to empower abilities or when taking lethal damage some of the pool of crystals will be reduced according to the overkill damage prevented, this reduces your max hp and armour according to the crystal amount spent. If there are not enough crystals a seed of Nirvana will remain which can attempt to collect enough crystals from nearby crystalized enemies to restore Nirvana's body.



Assimilate - cost 10 energy - shoots a crystal spike that begins to crystalize the enemy dealing % max hp damage per second for a set duration, if at any point the enemy dies they fully crystalize allowing Nirvana to come in and assimilate that enemy gaining crystals. This attack would deal lower damage to boss targets. Can channel the ability to use crystals collected to increase the power and make it an AoE instead of a single target.


Seed - costs 50 energy - Plants a crystal seed that grows over time by absorbing health from enemies that pass by, when fully grown the cluster can be collected for substantial crystal gains. Can channel crystals in order to cast multiple seeds in an area 


Guard - Costs 75 energy - Creates a shield of crystals that is infused with a splinter of will to defend against enemy attacks, reducing incoming damage and all damage that contacts the shield. Can channel crystals to create more shields and have a higher DR.


Lustre - Costs 100 energy - causes any and all crystalized enemies and grown crystal seeds to emit a lustre as they shift to catch more light and emit a dominating aura from the combined willpower of Nirvana and its assimilated victims. This draws enemies in and overwhelms their minds as they draw close. After drawing enemies and ccing them the crystalized enemies and grown seed clusters will detonate dealing massive damage instantly crystalizing slain enemies and dealing % max hp damage per second for a few seconds to any survivors who also crystalize if they die in this time period. Can channel crystals in order to increase the power of the explosion and the effect on surviving enemies

And that is the end of Nirvana, If anyone has any suggestions or ideas please leave them below as I more or less made up the abilities on the spot to try to best match the theme compared to the thought I usually put into frame concept abilities. 

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