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Void Mission cannot be completed when the host leaves just slightly before extraction is triggered


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Multiple times in the past few days I have lost all mission progress because I am forced to abort. It's not a visual glitch, I literally have to abort the mission because extraction can't happen. All loot and progress is forfeited. The trigger is when the host leaves just milliseconds after everyone boards the elevator, before extraction is allowed to occur. The game doesn't freeze but the mission does, requiring an abort. I don't know why hosts do this, it literally saves them no time at all and costs presumably everyone else the whole mission. 

I don't know if my specs are relevant but it's a RTX3090, 5950x, 32GB 3600mtps RAM. Gen 3 NVME storage. My system runs well, this seems to be a problem with the warframe client. You'd think it wouldn't be a problem that happens often, but it's happened more than once to me now and some of those bounties take a long time. I'd love to know if anyone else has had this issue or if it's known about generally. People leaving early isn't a problem, I'm not calling that out. It's people leaving at just the right/wrong moment. 

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