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Bounty Failed Upon Extraction


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When doing bounties in any of the open worlds, if your squad extracts while a bounty is active, the host gets a mission failed screen while everyone else in the squad gets mission complete. Even solo, if you extract during a bounty it will give you mission failed (even if you'd been out there completing bounties for hours). 

Anyway this paired with another bug, that being Narmer Commanders becoming permanently invulnerable, leads to a pretty frustrating event.


I had been doing bounties to get the last caliban part I need (lol didn't get it anyway) and on my last bounty before night began, the commander became permanently invulnerable. So, like any sane person, I opted to not wait out the 5 min timer and just went for the door only to be met with the mission failed screen. 

I know this bug has been present for a number of months now, it's very easily replicable, and has been affecting me personally for awhile now. I didn't make a topic on this until now as there have been many made already, but this just kinda annoyed me enough to post this.

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