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Yareli Can´t Skate On Sanctuary Onslaught(20-30)


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I was leveling up yareli there with

-Tyberon prime as primary

-pyrana as secondary

-furax as melee (in case it is relevant)
when i used every time the 2nd ability she dropped to the abyss and respawned on another place. It weirded me out. Continued like 2 zones more and then i got stuck underground. I did the /unstuck comand that i only know fot these moments(This sometimes just happens while jumping on odd places). Then later that i did it again and it respawned me in the start of the Sanctuary Onslaught. Out of the action and left behind by the group like i let the game drop me out normally for not passed the next zone portal

S?imw=5000&imh=5000&ima=fit&impolicy=Lettomebody had tried this and got the same results?

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