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Armor strip difficulties with Hildryn after the changes.


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First of all I would like to say that I would still prefer this version of the armor strip over the original version Its incredible for damage and I really like change for the most part.  However one thing that is a bit rough while playing Hildryn is considering I can armor strip the whole room with 1 or 2 casts of pillage. If I'm on steel path and the enemies around me are all 100% armor stripped it makes it difficult to survive if I dont kill them quick enough or if I'm focused on an objective or a boss instead of focusing on clearing the room. Before the changes pillage would always drain at least a little armor up to like 6-7 times and I could keep getting shields back to keep myself alive. if I'm just doing a normal mission like survival or what have you its all fine I just keep killing and moving and it works great. It gets wonky though on boss fights now with archon specifically because the few enemies in the room are fully stripped so fast that I cannot get shields back quickly like I used to or like other frames would with Brief Respite. I dont want energy on Hildryn or anything like that. I like the way she plays and if nothing changes from here on out she would still be my main. I think something that would be nice is to have Blazing pillage augment built into her base kit and change the augment to something else. This way she can have some way to get back shields on enemies that dont have armor or shields without using a mod slot. Sorry for long post. Thankyou for reading and for Warframe!

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