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Drifters camp - Keyboard input dissabling and invisibility script errors.


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When jumping into the waters and going into operator at the same time (timing is important here) you can lock all inputs from your keyboard. I was not able to do any of the following:

  • press T for opening chat.
  • interacting with any consoles.
  • pressing esc to open main menu.
  • alt-f4 to exit the game.
  • f6 to take image with meta data.

Note that even going into the waters again as operator/drifter did not fix this issue. And the following picture is taken with screenclip from windows 11 while still in this bugged state:



The following video shows how to replicate this bug;



As well as have found this bug, I also found out that through fast inputs you can get the following bugs happening, where you can get either your warframe or operator/drifter invisible:



After further testing, this has also proven to be kept to drifters camp, and will not affect missions. And the invisibility is only local to the host, so any other player currently present will not see the host player walk around invisible.

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