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(SWITCH) Veilbreaker: Hotfix #6


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(SWITCH) Veilbreaker: Hotfix #6

Break Narmer Changes & Fixes:

  • Made further improvements to the movement AI of the Scyto Raknoid Boss on Venus.
  • Adjusted the visual FX on the Deacon mask beam.
  • Fixed some issues of Solarans having odd movement on Venus, which included entering off-limits areas. 

Veilbreaker Quest Changes: 

  • Fixed a case of the sky flickering onboard the Murex during the Veilbreaker Quest. 
  • Fixed a visual issue of two individual Map tiles not connecting properly.


  • Swapped the Tertiary and Accent material channels on Styanax, Styanax’s Helmets, and the Afentis to better match player expectations and be in-line with other Warframe’s material channels.
    • You will notice the colors of your fashion have changed upon log-in. A quick swap of the colors between your Tertiary and Accent channels will restore your fashion to what it was before this Hotfix!


  • Fixed cases of overlapping text in the Syndicate ‘pledge’ screen. 
  • Fixed the Hespar neutral attack triggering many unintended Status effects. 
  • Fixed the Dojo Legend UI not disappearing when making the HUD disappear. 
  • Fixed Railjack side turrets camera rotation being off. 
  • Fixed Amar’s Howl not removing Waypoints for Client. 
  • Made a potential fix towards clients losing Ui after extracting the shard from an Archon.
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No changes to Styanax' Last Stand to compensate for the nerfs it got? Really?

That ability needs some help, it gets you killed in high level content at this moment and is not strong enough to take that risk. Being able to cast his other abilities was a good way to make it safer and added a lot of flexibility to his kit: using his 1 and 2 to crowd control and debuff the enemies while in his 4, circumventing the 3's very long casting animation and thus removing the need for Natural Talent, using the 1 to gain more height? The list goes on.

It was even in your tips section that you could use the 1 during his 4, so yeah...

Did really enjoy the Kahl mission though, it was a nice change of pace. The visibility of the collectibles is already being worked on, so the only other piece of advice I can think of is maybe boost Kahl's movement speed a bit? Even if this is meant to be slower paced, more methodical gameplay (which I like), his sprint speed is really slow and I think it contributes to people's frustration when scouring the map for those collectibles.


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