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New war, Drifter can select operator versions of nightwave outfit


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Played New War within the last week. (Post veilbreaker, not sure which patch)

During the New War, when you're playing at the Drifter.

If you interact with the hologram that lets you change your outfit, I was able to select both operator and Drifter versions of the nightwave suit (from current nightwave)

Post new war, interacting with the chair doesn't give the same option. So it seems locked to either the New War quest or the hologram clothing change mechanic.

Was kinda fun to mess around with different combinations. Looked pretty ridiculous. 

I didn't test trying to actually select and play with an operator version, let alone complete the quest that way.

But I imagine that could potentially cause an issue depending on how the main game tolerates or corrects that.

Didn't affect any other suits that I saw, just the nightwave one from this current nightwave. (I don't really have any others unlocked though)

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