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Verdilac Visual Glitches


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For a few months now, the verdalic has suffered from multiple severe visual glitches that can make it unenjoyable to use. It will return to it's normal and intended state after doing a combo that isn't glitched.

The following combos cause the verdalic to visually glitch in ways it shouldn't:

Burning Wasp: Sparking Torture

Pressing the attack button once will cause the end of the whip to flip upside down.

Burning Wasp: Buzzing Sting

Pressing the attack button once will cause the end of the whip to remain stretched out completely, covering a majority of the screen.

Burning Wasp: Guided Claw 

Pressing the attack button once will cause the part of the whip that attaches to it's "hilt" to "dislocate" itself

Pressing the attack button twice will cause the whip to remain slightly outstretched and also permanently "blurred"

Burning Wasp: Rolling Thunder

During the attack animations for the first and second attack, the whip will perform the same glitch as seen during buzzing sting.

Burning Wasp: Spiral Cut

The whip flies off the right side of the screen for a bit after the attack animation. It returns into it's intended spot shortly afterwards.

The unique combo for verdalic also causes a similar visual glitch. Performing the unique attack 3 times causes the whip to go "limp" and detach itself.

The verdalic and it's unique combo also isn't affected by energy or emissive colors. This also ruins it since it will be hard to pair with most fashion.

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