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Protea Ideas


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So I've been thinking about some ideas for Protea namely in regards to her 4th ability and some augments because for as cool as the idea of time manipulation is I feel like it doesn't tie into her kit very well as is and doesn't provide good incentives to use it.


I think one of the biggest problems I have with it is the fact that energy orbs are essentially wasted when picked up during her 4th and it would feel better if it prioritized a sort of 'backup energy' that would cover the cost of casting her 4 before it starts to actively fill up your energy bar so it doesn't feel like those orbs get wasted. Additionally, what if it could add .5 seconds to your abilities durations for every kill you got while its active with a 1 second cooldown so it can act as a potent ability extension as long as you keep getting kills.


As far as augments go, her first ability could have an augment called chrono-sphere that makes it so shrapnel grenades would apply a gradual slow down to enemies every time it gets a slash proc on them up to a cap of 100% slow with say 10% per status. Her shield drones could apply a stasis field around her than slows down projectiles in it's radius like that one moa precept with a total projectile freeze when her shields break.


For her 4 she could have an augment that makes it so temporal clones would spawn after a set time, mimicking what you did 4-5 seconds ago with each clone spawned being an additional 5 seconds in the past with each clone doing 25% of your damage. I think that'd make it so you could essentially be in multiple places at once and would be pretty neat but it might need a bit of tuning in the damage department.

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