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hi, i dont know where to post this but there is some bugs in game that can be changed. When leaving mission there is my gun in hand that is clipping trough the wall of the orbiter in that extraction animation. When entering operator and going back into warframe form there is bug that warframe got stuck in kinda T pose and cant do anything than just firing from weapon and seeing my operator standing in T pose too, so they are standing in T pose on each other and cant do a single thing. Vaubans magnetic ball (second ability) has some lines that has no logic bec its not connected to the enemy and its just breaking the view so much. Ayatan sculptures (anasa only i saw) has problems with stars placement. I put one by one star and somehow i see 1 blue and one yellow on each other, after i fill them all, black screen appears and here it is, all stars are in one place, Fix that please. i was going to extraction point and i legit saw my orbiter went super speed down to the place where he rise up to pick you up from extraction point. So he went to the spawn point where is animation starting lets say and it looks so weird. Also have some nat thing with internet but its ok. Thats it from me now and i hope that this will get fixed soon. Have a nice day and stay safe :)

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