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dismounting Hoverboard introduces random game breakage


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Struggling with the Dead Drop race on Deimos. I can blame part of my problem on the silly implementation of hoverboard (how can a hoverboard be stopped by some nearly invisible pebble?) - but most of my struggles are due to my poor ability to drive the dang thing. With a lot of practice runs to learn the course of the race, I hope to someday win it. The hoverboard bugs are making my job much harder.

I've noticed significant problems with hoverboard usage after veilbreaker. Can't be sure that the problems were introduced with veilbreaker since I don't normally use the hoverboard. In my experience, about 10% of the time when you get knocked off the hoverboard, and sometime when you just do a normal dismount, you'll experience some random crippling behavior - or perhaps a combination of several behaviors. Here are some that I've experienced:

  • can't equip any weapon or activate gear wheel
  • movement looks like you're still on overboard
  • movement keys appear stuck in one direction
  • can't switch into operator, or once you've switched, you can't switch back
  • visual malfunctions like a wide purple outline around your warframe 

Occasionally I've been able to clear the effects by dying, void sling, going to the exit of Orb Vallis (but not actually exiting).

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Here's more details about the buggy hoverboard:

I was cruising along in Deimos Cambion Drift in a clear stretch of flat ground. Suddenly I ran into something that must have been invisible. Knocked off the board, but my mouse movements were now moving the small map in the corner instead of my warframe. Keyboard movements were practically unusable since I couldn't give direction with the mouse. Screen kept glitching. Eventually I got into operator and after 2 minutes of void slinging away from the scene of the accident, the game gave normal movement again.

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