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Titania fails to update orientation when switching back from operator if razorwing is active


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When using Titania, I've noticed that if I bring out my operator and move around before switching back, Titania will not assume the orientation that I was last facing with my operator if she is in her razorwing ability. She correctly teleports to my location, but she is still facing whichever direction she was facing when I switched out to my operator, forcing me to manually re-orient myself every time I swap out to my operator and back to Titania when I don't want to exit razorwing. This only happens when razorwing is active, as if Titania is not in razorwing when I switch back from my operator, she will correctly update her orientation like any other warframe. Can you please fix this so that she will correctly re-orient herself no matter what when switching back from operator?

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