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  1. Yeah clan-mate has the same problem. Probably bcs of update or some hotfix.
  2. Always depends how much time do you have if you are not in a hurry you can just play the game and it will be maxed pretty soon but if you wanna max it asap there is multiple options: - Sanctuary onslaught for frames Elite Sanctuary onslaught for weapons, companions etc. - Friend with sleep quinox - RJ missions - Defense on saturn - helene or Sedna - Hydron. - If you are confident you can also try Steel path.
  3. I agree as not everybody prefer same weapons for me I have Zetki VORT as front gun and Photors as formerly side guns aside from it´s slow travel speed gun is pretty good at least for me. i used to have all photors but i really like how vort looks when i shoot. Also i wouldn´t recommend cryophon as it is very slow and heat´s up very fast not very good for big groups of enemies.
  4. All right new bug for me Railjack still showing electrical hazzard but there is nothing to repair as electric hazzard will disable tactical menu i cannot assign crew member to repair that well hidden hazzard DE pls fix this no point making invisible hazzards. thank you
  5. Thx for the hotfix - Btw is there any plans to be able share our RJ build or not ?
  6. Guys have guilded these amps as you will not get mr points until you do and max it again.
  7. Thank you Megan for hotfix that endless tunnel was nightmare xD
  8. Mine latest problem is to unable to go into next mission or dojo as i am locked in exit/rewards screen i was able to do only 2-3 mission when this bug occurred again it is frustrating that you have to close entire game to get out of this locked screen.
  9. True and not mentioning how many bugs will arise from that update but some changes isn't half bad. 😃
  10. I think we all can guess what will happen lets call it next big n**f only question when we can expect it xD
  11. Well if octavia prime should be released in this month as it is almost 3 months and it is one prime per 3 months unless it has changed and it is still chance that prime will be released right after devstream and new normal frame couple day after as i doubt there will be 2 frames at the same time. 🙂
  12. Unfortunatelly DE totally ignored this weapon since end of that event hw it would be very useful if they made it available again. If nobody responds you can also get for few plat but i am sure you can find at least few people that would give bp for free.
  13. Well it would be nice to get extraction issues fix before the event ends xD
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