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Entering orb vallis , high pitched sound.


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So there i was , laoded into Orb vallis , about do start moving , takign a chug of coffe do keep my spirits up , and suddenly while still in the elevator a REALLY loud high pitched sound started blasting , it was like someoen screeetchign in ur ear , my game volume is usually low , that sound bybassed the volume slider , it was at full blast . 


I loaded in solo , had Ivara prime , Kuva bramma , Kuva Nukor and Praedos equipped , plan was do hunti the 6 diffrent animal captures .

It was like 20 second in the elevator , sicne i was takign a drink of coffe , and then it suddenly started makign that sound , it stopped when i left the elevator , it returned when i went back in .

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Just happened to me now, twice. The first time I thought the music I was listening to bugged out. I was fighting Profit Taker and heard a few beep boops, and then a small screech for about 1 second and it went away. I thought it was odd, but wasn't too concerned. HOWEVER, The Second time was while loading into Fortuna not more than 5 minuets later, for another Profit Taker run.. I couldn't even exit the elevator as the noise started bombarding my ears as soon as the doors started to unlock. I ripped my headphones off and immediately muted my computer. It felt like my ear drums almost burst from a 100% increase in sound with a continuous high pitch tone of beeping and screeching. WAY WAY WAY worse than hearing a fax machine on a phone line.

I tried to fix it by looking through task manager, sound settings, shutting down everything that produces noise. I double checked my headphone cables and when nothing worked I finally closed Warframe, and boosh, Noise was gone. Somehow something in Warframe made my sound increase over 10x (I run at 10 master sound and 2-3 everything else). I didn't bother trying to go to orbiter or anything, My ears were just done.

Please DE, Fix this bug, find it and save lives. Or at least ears. I enjoy the game's sound design, but not this one lol. <3 Thanks in advance.

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