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Why me SnakePlisken029


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7 hours ago, (XBOX)SnakePlisken029 said:

I paid for the Frost Harka Bundle! The only thing I didn't receive was the Frysta Longsword skin... Very disappointed. I Made sure to get the Ether Sword but still the skin just doesn't work or belong to me for some reason! PLEASE FIX THIS!


Support can hopefully help.

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1 hour ago, (XBOX)SnakePlisken029 said:

If that helped or worked... I wouldn't be posting again now would i so why so hard for you to figure this out... I just want my skin. You got it? Seem so intrested.

I don't work for DE champ, I was simply trying to help. Given how obnoxiously rude you're being, I really hope you don't get it.

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