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Orb Vallis stuck in Cold Weather "13 minutes to warm"


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Orb Vallis is stuck on Cold Weather, after entering Orb Vallis, it always says 13 minutes to Warm and the timer doesn't move, making it impossible to get warm-weather fish.

In the navigation screen and in Fortuna, the timer moves between Warm and Cold normally, but upon entering Orb Vallis, it shows 13 minutes to Warm again and it doesn't move.

I tried leaving Fortuna and going back, restarted the game, and waiting near fishing hotspot for 30 minutes but it doesn't change the weather.

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im getting the same issue, first i thought maybe i was just glitched so i closed the game and reopened it but no its still the same even when i wait for it to say it was warm on the navigation it still goes back to 13 minutes til warm, id really like for this to be fixed so i can get some of the fish that only spawn when its warm

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