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Implementing a QOL system for extremely niche weapon mods


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Warframe has been steadily evolving and implementing new ideas... And ontop of that. A CRAP TON of mods.. Soo many infact that at this point there is so many mods that go unused as they are deemed pointless or dont offer enough incentive to be used compared to a vast majority of other mods. 

And with the announcement of enemy radar becoming universal. i think its time that weapon mods get a honest hard look at themselves for being reworked into a new system so that.

  1. These mods no longer pollute the mod menu when modding a weapon
  2. Can actually have a usage without having the negative "Mod cost value" & "Mod Slot" associated with it

The suggestion is simple. With the rise of incarnon weapons and genesis weapon. I purpose that a simple sort of approach is taken in order to better utilize said extremely niche mods. BUT Rather than going to any sort of NPC, or acquiring an adapter or any of that sort of stuff.. Right from your arsenal you can pick and swap whatever you like having active. But in order to somewhat balance said feature. Make it for example only 1 option can be active.


So think of this type of menu. ONLY 1 GROUP OF OPTIONS IS AVAILABLE (For the time being) every circle icon will represent a currently available QOL mod such as hush, recoil reduction mods, zoom level mods, negative zoom mods, Glide duration mods etc etc. But 1 options is only available to be picked. This provides USAGE for current in game mods if the user deems them worth using while at the same time getting rid of the mods in the modding menu. essentially decluttering it!

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A lot of the useless mods just need to be reworked/buffed into something that can be considered. And some mods are almost there but just need a little push. Like Motus Impact could be a really good mod for frames like Zephyr or melee weapons in general like Tonfa and Warfans that have good aerial attacks, but why would I use that when I can use normal Reach. If Motus gave like 1.5m range by default, then another 1.5m while airborne, then that would be a mod worth considering for some builds. Exilus mods, like zoom or recoil, honestly just need to have their capacity costs reduced. And there are other mods in general that need their costs reduced. Seriously, why is does Lasting Sting cost 16 capacity??

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