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Some Mods Are Rather Useless Due To Low Stats And Unclear Benefits For Upgrading Some Mods


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So I was farming some mods and saw that there are some badly balanced things.

Unbalance within one category:

Mods like magazine size for rifles and reload speed for shotguns have only 5% as base stat, making them pretty much useless compared to any other mod for the same item.

Unbalance between different weapon types:

Why do all damage mods on rifles have 10% damage increase, while shotgun and pistol mods start with 15%?

If a rifle and a shotgun are balanced unleveled the shotgun will have a clear advantage in damage over the rifle when fully modded, but if they are balanced when fully modded then the shotgun would be inferior at low levels.

Upgrade confusion on some mods:

Some ability mods like the "Regen" ability don't really seem to have any benefit for upgrading them.

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i don't think i can get accustomed to high level weapons without increased magazine size and reload speed (and i don't even go into melee without increased attack speed). and these puny +30% (when fully upgraded) mods for these utility stats are a joke. who in their right minds would use these (at all or) in favor of just stacking all the different +60% damage type mods (in a shotgun! - feel that additional shot)? i mean really, you want me to painfully slowly reload after every second enemy in the huge crowds i face in higher difficulty regions?

multishot & certain damage mods still dominate, wasn't it partially the point of this update to address specifically this one-sidedness (which is kinda hard to circumvent when a game is about killing others faster than they do the same to you)?

might as well embrace that and introduce more damage types (poison is already in the game...), resistances and vulnerabilities, cancelling effects (fire and ice), enhancing effects (stunned enemy takes more damage) and so on an so forth.

sorry for that rant, i'm going back to see if it grows on me.

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